3 Easy Ways to Make Iced Tea

Iced tea is a nutritious and delicious way to stay hydrated in the warmer months. And is lot simpler to make than often imagined! Almost any tea can be used for iced tea, some just tend to work better than others. Let us show you our three best methods for brewing a fantastically flavourful iced tea.


1. The Quick Cold Brew

Our go-to brewing method takes all the effort out of brewing iced tea and produces the freshest flavour.

To brew
Simply add one tablespoon of your chosen tea to one litre of cold water in an iced tea jug and refrigerate. You can use a regular jug too, but be sure to strain your tea as you serve.

If you’re using flavoured green and black teas, we suggest refrigerating for 3-4 hours.
We recommend: Japanese Lime, Morning Flower and Blackcurrant.

For fruit infusions, chill for at least five hours (preferably overnight) for a rich, sweet flavour.

2. Sensational Aussie Sencha

Our Australian Sencha has a soft but refreshing flavour and is an incredible antioxidant-rich base for iced tea.

To brew
Use just one tablespoon per one litre of water. Steep in an iced tea jug for about three hours before removing the leaves. Australian Sencha is fantastic on its own, but can be infused with fresh fruit or a sprinkle of our Australian Lemon Myrtle.

Keep in the fridge or take your iced Australian Sencha to work in a flask to keep thirst at bay.


3. Sparkling Iced Tea

For the fun and flavour of soft drink (minus the processed sugar) we recommend turning our fruit infusions into sparkling iced tea!

To brew
Slowly pour one litre of soda water into your iced jug and add one tablespoon of your favourite fruit infusion. Place in the fridge for at least three hours. Serve with a scoop of ice, fresh or frozen berries, and a sprig of mint.

For a full-flavoured summer cocktail try adding a splash of vodka.

Our top pick: Red Fruits

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