5 Tips For Surviving Summer

1.  Take your Tea to the Beach with our Travel Flask

Day trips to the beach are often accompanied by a delicious picnic with fresh food to share. Our Tea Centre travel flask allows you to bring your favourite iced blend too! We suggest brewing your tea the night before and allowing it to cool in the fridge overnight. When ready, add fresh fruit and a dash of ice to enhance the flavour. With your drink staying cool for longer, you’ll definitely be the envy of other beachgoers.


2. Stay Hydrated with our Fruit Infusions

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to fizzy drink, why not sample a brew from our deliciously diverse Fruit Infusions range? All of the infusions are totally caffeine free and boast a range of health benefits, including being rich in vitamin C. If you’re looking to increase your water intake, iced infusions are the perfect way to get your 8 glasses a day.


3. Dial up your Dinner Party with our Bodum Range

Whether it’s a dinner party or a leisurely lunch with friends, our range of Bodum iced tea jugs are perfect for serving your guests a thirst-quenching drink. Simply brew any of our delicious Fruit Infusions, add fresh ingredients and you’re ready to go. Serve the iced beverage in our sophisticated Bodum Pilatus double walled glasses to prevent your hands from warming the tea.


4. Put a Summery Spin on Dessert with a Shaved Ice Slushie

There’s nothing that says summer more than a sweet, shaved ice slushie. Our tea take on this delicious dessert offers a light and flavoursome alternative, without the calories. The best part? It’s guaranteed to impress both adults and children alike. Simply brew your favourite iced infusion and pour into ice trays; once frozen these ice cubes can be crushed in a blender and transformed into a summer slushie. Serve in cocktail glasses to give your dessert a touch of sophistication.


5. Impress your Guests with our Tea Takes on Classic Cocktails

For those of you who enjoy a classic cocktail, our Blue Lagoon Tea Teaser with a dash of vodka and a slice of fresh orange is a delicious, lighter alternative.

To satisfy your sweet side, we suggest adding champagne to our Raspberry and Coconut Tea Teaser. Frozen raspberries will give the blissful blend an added touch of freshness.  

Our radiant Red Fruits Tea Teaser pairs perfectly with fresh strawberries and gin. Add plenty of ice to keep your drink cool.

Delicious and aromatic, our Pina Colada Tea Teaser can be mixed with white rum to create a cool, summery cocktail. Add fresh slices of pineapple and crushed ice for a fabulous finishing touch. 

To save on our delicious summer blends, visit one of our stores today. Our exclusive offer gives you 10% off when you purchase 2 infusions; 15% off when you purchase 3 infusions; and 20% off when you purchase 4 infusions from the Fruit Infusions range.

This offer is available until the end of February for infusions over 100g only. 

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