A Blooming Fabulous Cuppa (as featured in the Spring 2016 edition of Home Grown magazine)


The enchantment of spring is evident in flourishing flower beds; but it’s not just in gardens that blooms are making a colourful statement. More often now are teapots playing host to the grandeur of blossoming teas. Hand woven tea balls that dramatically unfurl to reveal cleverly crafted flower blossoms are not just a marvel to gaze upon but are an aromatic and delectable delight.

Usually fashioned from Chinese green teas and white tea buds, sometimes with hints of jasmine, these blooming teas are a light and refreshing sip — perfect for Spring. The craft originated in the Fujian province of China where tea artisans deftly threaded flowers and leaves into different styles to symbolise the seasons or occasions celebrating happiness, prosperity, or love. To this day, an experienced craftsperson can entwine more than 400 of these blossoming tea balls a day.

A glass teapot is the most expedient way to fully enjoy the aesthetics of blossoming tea. Dried flowers like marigold, lily, chrysanthemum, jasmine, or osmanthus are usually used and create a beautiful display as they gradually burst forth. Using water that is hotter than is usually used on green tea is acceptable, as are longer brewing times. This is due to the delicate palate of the infusion — extra hot water and time help in making the flavours more pronounced and bring out the subtle floral notes of both the tea and flower. Time is also required for the balls to properly open up and reveal the full extent of the blossom.

Plus, long after the brew has been savoured, tea lovers can still take pleasure in the beauty of the flowered tea for a few extra days by storing it in a vessel of cold water.

Add a little spring to your cuppa with a blossoming tea ball this season. See our range of tea balls here.

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