A Cup of Christmas Cheer


Finding its origins in Medieval Germany, Christmas tea was first made by village farmers who blended ale with mulling spices in the hope of inspiring a fruitful harvest the following year.


When this tradition arrived in England, townsfolk would walk door-to-door singing and  offering a wassail bowl of this spiced beverage to their neighbours. Though typically an alcoholic drink, the English began replacing ale or cider with black tea, along with the  delicious mix of spices, fruit, cinnamon and ginger.


Wassail is derived from the Anglo-Saxon words “waes hael”, meaning “be in good health”. Wassailing eventually became known as Christmas caroling. Many popular Christmas carols pay homage to the joyful tradition of sharing a wassail bowl.


The tea element to this warm and wonderful ritual is not lost, as sharing spiced Christmas tea remains popular in the Northern Hemisphere today. Continue the

tradition this Christmas by sharing one of our festive tea blends with your friends and family.



The Perfect Gift for Parties  

A bag of The Tea Centre’s Christmas Tea makes the perfect little offering at Christmas parties, when you’re told not to bring anything. Delight your party hosts with our fragrant and festive blend!


You’ll be Wrapped

A brimming mug of our Ginger Bread tea is the perfect addition to an evening spent wrapping gifts. As black tea has been proven to aid relaxation, it’ll help relieve seasonal stress. And it’ll make the tea-dious task of wrapping a lot more fun!


Under the Christmas Tea

Many families brew our Christmas Tea for all to enjoy while opening presents on Christmas morning. Serving tea is always an opportunity for you and your companions to pause and revitalise, particularly during the day’s excitement and madness.


A Brew for After Christmas Lunch

Brewing up a pot of tea late in the afternoon on Christmas Day always goes down a treat.

Even those who don’t usually drink tea will gladly accept a cup following a hearty Christmas lunch. Tea aids digestion and increases hydration, so a good cup of tea is very refreshing after a large meal with all of the trimmings. We recommend our Glögg Black blend with tummy-soothing ginger and flavours of mulled wine.


For many centuries sharing Christmas tea has been a symbolic gesture of wishing your loved ones good health and a prosperous year ahead. We hope you enjoy our delicious blends this season.


Merry Christmas from The Tea Centre!


Yours in tea, health and happiness,



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