A Little Cup of Tea Goes a Long Way – New ‘Small Farmers’ Teas

Through our association with Tea Promoters India (TPI), an umbrella organisation responsible for supporting and promoting small farmers, we have now extended our existing ‘Small Farmers’ line of teas. In addition to our outstanding Kerala teas from South India, we have now also added teas from Darjeeling, and the Dooars. These teas stem from gardens that are run by various small farmer cooperatives and not from large-scale colonial plantations.

As previously established, our original Kerala teas are a production of The Small Farmers Tea Project — a consortium of 1088 farmers from the Iddukki district of Kerala. Their overall objective is to improve the living conditions of small and marginal farmers by income generating measures through organic tea cultivation and subsequent processing and marketing.

From Darjeeling, we have sourced a tea from the Mineral Springs Cooperative, which involves up to 450 families as its members. The committee has initiated a number of programs including a savings and credit union, women’s self-help groups, “loan-a-cow” plans, and health awareness camps.

Around the foothills of the eastern Himalayas lies the Dooars region where the Putharjhora tea estate is located. This is where our Bengal tea is produced under the Teesta Small Farmers Committee. This cooperative is comprised of 56 small farmers from five villages with the aim of providing impoverished and isolated farmers a viable income. With their profits they have helped fund education, healthcare, and a mother’s club to help educate women about illness, medicine, and other family issues.

Not just a beautiful range because of the cause it supports, but also because of the superb infusions that the leaves produce. Each tea offers a unique character reflective of the terroir from where they originate and is indicative of the varied tea flavour profiles that occur from south to north India.

Whether you’re an advocate for fair trade, or just a fan of Indian teas, our ‘Small Farmers’ range will offer a satisfying cuppa in every sense.

To purchase any of our small farmer’s range please click here.

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