An image of three loose leaf tins from the Australian Botanical Tea Collection.

An Australian Botanical Tea collection to suit all taste buds

Our timeless expanse embodied in nine Australian teas, each as variegated as the palates they were crafted to satisfy. Acquaint your taste buds with the Australian Botanical Tea collection today!

Like the people living in our beautiful country, no two teas in the Australian Botanical Tea Collection are the same! On a foundation of Daintree black tea, Alpine green tea, and an assortment of native herbs, we’ve brewed up a grassroots collection of premium blends.  

Drinkers will also find that the collection is nostalgic in more ways than one. Not only does each blend contain homegrown ingredients, but were also made with a tea drinker’s staple brews in mind. 

Chai finds its cousin in Spiced Wattleseed, Bush Breakfast is an elevated version of its English counterpart, and you can discover wisps of Russian Caravan flavour in Smoked Redgum. But that’s just a taste of what’s to come!

To find the perfect botanical brew to suit your taste buds, explore the recommendations of our tea-loving experts below!

Classic breakfast teas for the early riser

For those getting up before the kookaburra’s first laugh (or to beat the heat in the northern states), we have a trio of classic teas to recommend: Bush BreakfastAlpine Sencha, and Smoked Redgum.

The sippers that are in the habit of taking their tea with milk will feel most at home with Bush Breakfast, which is our ‘billy tea’ revision of your typical English Breakfast. The main difference lies in provenance, with our black tea travelling from the sunny outskirts of the Daintree rainforest before ending up in your morning cuppa.

Also sporting this Far North Queensland black tea base is Smoked Redgum that’s smouldered over river red gum chips. This added step adds extra complexity in terms of both flavour and aroma to the tea! Specifically, expect a smoky depth and a subtle savouriness that’ll keep you coming back for more. 

Rounding out our crew of classic Australian teas is our verdant Alpine Sencha. A longtime staple on The Tea Centre menu, the reviews for this crisp green tea speak for themselves: 

A flatlay image of Alpine Sencha loose leaf green tea and packaging. From the Australian Botanical Tea collection

‘I love green tea! This Australian green tea does not disappoint.’ — Rebecca C.

I usually drink Japanese sencha but this is my favourite Australian [sic]. Beautiful taste.’ — Kobe S.

Slightly different from Japanese sencha a slightly more refreshing finish on the palate. Delicious!‘ — Janelle S.

Herbals for budding botanists

If you love cataloguing your favourite caffeine-free sips or your Instagram doubles as an anthology for foodie shots, then you’ll love the Davidson’s Plum & Rosella, Mountain Mint, and the Native Lemongrass & Ginger in our Australian Botanical Tea collection.

These herbaceous blends are comprised of roots, fruits, berries, and leaves foraged from unique botanical found nowhere else in the world. The flavours are equal distinct, with Davidson’s Plum & Rosella in particular sporting a uniquely tart yet woodsy profile of palate. 

However, for those who don’t want to stray too far from the familiar will find comfort in Mountain Mint, which contains the mint you know and love plus extra aromatics from the inclusion of peppermint gum leaves! 

Rounding out the trinity is Native Lemongrass & Ginger, which tastes similar to what you know, but made all the more exciting thanks to where it came from. Specifically, our homegrown lemongrass (maarr) is a wild-harvest crop originating from the Northern and Central regions of Australia.  

Avant-garde fusions for the adventurous

Here are three more things to add to your bucket list alongside scaling Kosciusko and swimming in the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoying delicious cups of Pepperberry & Cinnamon Myrtle, Desert Lime & Lemon Myrtle, and Spiced Wattleseed tea!

Overseas, it would seem that Sydney and Melbourne receive all the love, which is why we wanted to broaden our horizons (and taste buds!) with ingredients sourced all around Australia. 

Australian Botanical Tea | The Tea Centre | Taste Pairings & Recommendations

From Tasmania comes the pepperberry leaf, Desert Lime plucked not too far from the Great Australian Bight, and wattleseed collected in equal parts from South Australia and the Northern Territory. It’s the Australian roadtrip you can take from the comfort of your couch. 

Ready to find home among the gum trees? Shop the entire Australian Botanical Tea Collection here.

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