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Iconic Australian dessert & tea pairings 

Joining the likes of vegemite on toast, the Minogue sisters and Kath & Kim are the newest (and delicious) tea-dessert pairings courtesy of The Tea Centre. 

Hyperbole aside, the recent launch of our delicious Dessert Table Collection has inspired our tea-loving experts to collate a list of favourite tea and Australian dessert pairings! 

Be sure to brew up a mug of your favourite tea and grab a biccy or two before reading on! The below recommendations are bound to make you peckish.

Dessert Tea Pairing 1 | Lamingtons x Tiramisu

What do we love more: Italian pick-me-up desserts or sweet Australian sponge cake? At The Tea Centre, we say you shouldn’t have to choose! Enjoy the best of both worlds when pairing our delightful Tiramisu tea with this iconic Aussie lamingtons. 

Both components sport complimentary coconut notes, and where lamingtons are all about texture, Tiramisu tea elevates with flavour. The chocolate drops and coffee flavouring bring out the buttery notes in the sponge, while the malty black tea lends itself well to a lamington’s vanilla undertones (the same reason why our Tea For Sunday blend is always a bestseller)! 

Buon appetito.

Dessert Tea Pairing 2 | Lune Croissants x Blueberry Pie

Australian Dessert & Tea Pairings | The Tea Centre | Bird's eye image of Lune Croissants lined up in rows. Courtesy of Lune Croissant's Instagram

While a more recent introduction to Australia’s hall of dessert fame, it would be remiss of The Tea Centre to not offer a tea pairing for Lune croissants! Given the brainchild behind Australia’s best croissants is a trained aerodynamicist with a degree from RMIT, its tea companion had to be truly fly and step up to the plate. With that in mind, let us introduce Blueberry Pie.

While a deceptively simple blend of mango, berries, cornflower, and black tea, The Tea Centre purposefully engineers Blueberry Pie to taste like a pastry in a cup! Just like Lune croissants, opening a bag of this black tea blend is a truly sensory experience, with tart blueberry aromatics giving you a hint of what’s to come. 

We put in the effort to ensure that the flavour profile of Blueberry Pie is harmonious, sporting attention to detail that perfectly balances with the more-ish bite and texture of an impeccably flaky croissant.  

Dessert Tea Pairing 3 | Iced Vovo x Butterscotch Caramel

If it’s worth a mention in former prime minister Kevin Rudd’s acceptance speech, it’s worth a mention in this list of iconic Australian dessert and tea pairings! Any day greeted with a strong cup of Butterscotch Caramel tea in one hand and an Iced Vovo in the other is bound to be a good one.  

Similar to how Iced Vovo is the perfect marriage between biscuit and confectionary, our butterscotch caramel tea marries strong saccharine notes with mellow brittle and a black tea base. 

Your taste buds will adore the wavering between sweet and savoury when sipping and sampling this dynamic duo together. Specifically, we think the toffee-like tea will spark extra interest on the palate when paired with Iced Vovo’s tangy raspberry jam.

Dessert Tea Pairing 4 | ANZAC biccies x Chocolate Brownie

Australian Dessert & Tea Pairings | The Tea Centre | Bird's eye image of ANZAC biscuits on baking paper and a tray with a cup of black tea in the corner. The biscuits are also sprinkled with rosemary and sea salt flakes.

When it comes to tough biscuits, what you require in the tea pairing is a softer touch. That’s why we love chomping on homemade ANZAC biccies with a cup of Chocolate Brownie tea in hand. 

The perfect drinking (and dunking) partner, the sweetness in chocolate brownie balances out the toasty and nutty elements of rolled oats. And just when you think it’s all just a little too syrupy (every ANZAC recipe calls for golden syrup), Chocolate Brownie’s malty black tea base swoops in to balance out the palate again.

And while it’s not a traditional recipe, we think Gourmet Traveller’s note of adding salt and rosemary to ANZAC biscuits is a masterstroke idea. Not only does it build complexity and taste fantastic with chocolate-heavy teas, but works on a “symbolic and culinary level” too. We agree!

Dessert Tea Pairing 5 | Tim Tams x After Dark

Your Tim Tam slam just got a whole lot mintier. The deep velvety cocoa notes in After Dark tea pair brilliantly with the tart coconut flavour of this Aussie favourite.

While working particularly well with the ‘Dark Choc Mint’ Tim Tam flavour, we think our chocolate-mint-in-a-cup blend works brilliantly with just about any chocolate biscuit! This is because its hint of rich chocolate doesn’t overload the taste buds, and the mint flavour soothes and softens any overpowering sweetness from sugary biscuits.

We must warn you though: this tea is so light and refreshing that you may just be tricked into finishing the whole packet!

Dessert Tea Pairing 6 | Pavlova x Strawberries & Cream

Australian Dessert & Tea Pairings | The Tea Centre | Image of pavlova topped with strawberries, blueberries, and mint

You bring the meringue, and we’ll top it off with a generous pot of Strawberries & Cream tea! These two iconic desserts meet their maker in this delicious pairing that serves to elevate the fruity and creamy flavours present in both treats.

Specifically, the crumbly nature of meringues adds texture to the sipping experience, while tart strawberry leaf and safflower add a wondrous fragrance that makes us enjoy pavlova all the more. 

Now that’s desserts covered, what about breakfast? Find our favourite breakfast tea pairings here or head to the Dessert Tea collection to shop the teas recommended above!

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