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How to Pick the Right Tea to Brew Kombucha At Home

Tea is a key ingredient in the creation of Kombucha, and over the years, we’ve been asked by our customers what the right tea to buy to use in their own home brewing is, so today we’ll dive into the many choices you have when it comes to brewing Kombucha at home.


Kid-Friendly Teas The Whole Family Will Love This Mother’s Day

While tea is often associated with adults & caffeine isn’t always something we want to load up on, there are plenty of kid-friendly options that little ones can enjoy alongside their grandparents. Read on to find some of our favourite tea picks the whole family can enjoy for any celebration!

An image of brewed Turmeric Tonica

5 Herbs to Help Boost Your Immunity This Winter

As we head into the cooler months, many of us find ourselves becoming under the weather.

Luckily, there are several herbs you can enjoy that are believed to have immune-boosting properties, and have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Read on and learn more about some of these powerhouse herbs!

How to DIY the Viral Strawberry Matcha Iced Latte at Home

By now, you’ve probably seen (or tried) the viral Strawberry Matcha Iced Latte that’s taken the internet by storm. We’ve come up with our own take on this lovely layered drink that you can have a crack at making yourself at home

Tea & Biscuits

Tea Time Tales: The Historical Irish Love Affair with Tea

Tea, the elixir of comfort and conversation, has woven itself into the cultural fabric of nations around the world. In Ireland, the history of tea drinking is rich and steeped in tradition, becoming an integral part of daily life.