Fall in love with autumnal teas

Withering leaves aren’t just reserved for outside! The beautiful loose leaves in our autumnal teas also deserve the spotlight this May.

Autumn is here, and with it comes the uncertainty of how many layers to wear everyday and carrying a cardigan around just in case. So after a long day of taking that cardigan on and off, all you want to do is sit back at home, watch the leaves fall outside, and relax with a cup of tea. 

With that in mind, The Tea Centre has asked around our stores and rounded up a list of the perfect teas to enjoy this autumn. Enjoy!

Autumn Spice

A cup of Autumn Spice is just the thing to reflect the ambiguity of autumn! This is because it combines black tea with the fruity and floral hints of orange, apple, and rose petals. Not to mention the heady flavours of cinnamon and cloves.  

A fantastic combination of sweet and spicy, Autumn Spice is both warming and uplifting. For those trying it for the first time, the taste of orange and cinnamon are the most evident flavours. They’re even said to evoke thoughts of cinnamon cookies!


From The Tea Centre’s selection of spicy teas, Autumn Spice would probably be one of the sweeter blends. The ‘spice’ part of it is just right, as it doesn’t overwhelm the other flavours. Rather, the cinnamon contributes to the sweetness and the cloves add a little depth to the palate. The more discernible flavour elements are further accentuated by the rose petals and apple essence.

Himalayan Blend

It’s the season for falling in love with our Darjeeling teas (particularly those grown at a great height). Therefore, look no further this May than our Himalayan Blend

This FTGFOP blend of Darjeeling loose leaves is not only grown in elevated terrain at the base of the Himalayas but also contains autumn flush leaves too! For those unfamiliar with Darjeeling flushes (you can find out more here), autumn flush is Darjeeling tea harvested in October and November. A la, the Northern Hemisphere’s autumn season!

Refreshing and complex, not only is this warming brew perfect for the cool weather but is a lovely introduction to Darjeeling for novice sippers of Indian black tea.

Stockholm Blend

As daylight hours grow short, sippers tend to long more for good ol’ vitamin C! After all, we need to prepare the immune system for the flu season ahead. Therefore, when it comes to a brew that combines both citrus and balmy flavour, look no further than Stockholm Blend tea

Best described as a ‘hug in a mug’, Stockholm Blend’s many layers of deliciousness shine both on their own and paired with a drop of milk. Featuring bright orange peel, safflowers, apricot, and calendula blossoms, just one sip of Stockholm could almost trick the senses into thinking it was summer again.

All this, plus comforting vanilla and malty black tea, makes this serendipitous tea the perfect autumnal sip.

Echinacea Blend

The blend that’s hard to spell but so easy to sip! The consummate cuppa for colder weather, Echinacea Blend has powerhouse ingredients that helps it rejuvenate even the gloomiest of sippers. 

Specifically, this blend mixes echinacea pulp (a traditional medicinal herb from North America) with antibacterial lemongrass, refreshing spearmint, and sharp ginger. While spearmint helps relieve flu-like symptoms and ginger alleviates digestive issues, echinacea boosts overall immunity. As a result, this blend is a great and effective defence against the common cold during autumn.

Not only is this herbal tisane great for your health, but it tastes amazing too. Perfect on its own, sippers can expect herbaceous tasting notes muddled with spicy notes from the ginger, lemony undertones, and a cooling sensation with every sip (courtesy of the spearmint)!


Love these warming recommendations and want to explore the whole range? Then be sure to peruse our best selling brews here. Alternatively, get ahead of winter and indulge in The Tea Centre’s chai collection.

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