Our Top Teas to Help Beat Bloating

Some well-deserved indulgence during the holiday season may have left you feeling sluggish and bloated.
Our teas for digestive health are a simple and delicious way to improve your wellbeing.

Detox & Cleanse Organic

A favourite with our customers, this tea proves that herbals can be both tasty and effective. With subtle sweetness and a hint of lemongrass, this beneficial blend is enjoyable daily. Formulated to gently detox, restore and recharge the body, it contains some key herbs with powerful properties. These include:

Commonly used to ease bloating

A nutrient-rich herb, often used for inflammation 

Liquorice Root
Anti-inflammatory, this ingredient soothes stomach issues

Juniper Berries
Commonly used to improve digestive health 

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Olive Leaf Green

An incredible blend of green tea, olive leaf and spearmint, this tea is packed with health benefits!

Olive leaf has long been used for its immunity-boosting properties, and the addition of green tea makes this blend a metabolism booster. It’s no wonder that we so often hear from our customers that this is the one tea they cannot go a day without.

With a smooth spearmint flavour, this tea is gentle on the stomach and great to sip after meals. Shop Olive Leaf Green


Formulated by renown Australian naturopath Mim Biem, Digestivo is the ultimate organic herbal tea for settling the stomach. A blend of powerful herbs like liquorice root, meadowsweet and peppermint, Digestivo eases an assortment of digestive dilemmas.

You can enjoy Digestivo any time of day, but we recommend a cup after meals to help ease bloating. Shop Digestivo

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