July favourites: best winter teas edition

Who turned down the thermostat? Light cardigan weather has quickly succumbed to peak parka season, and The Tea Centre has the July winter tea favourites to match.

We can’t say we’re experts regarding the likes of ‘El Niña’ and ‘Antarctic blasts’, but we feel confident in telling you this: it’s ridiculously cold in Australia right now. Far from hibernating though, The Tea Centre has layers upon layers of loose leaf tea lining our shelves to keep us warm! Without further ado, find our list of July winter tea favourites below.

Mumbai Chai

If a list of winter tea recommendations doesn’t have a chai, we don’t want it! To please the people (and their palates), we thought it best to champion delicious Mumbai Chai this July.

Boasting cold-busting ingredients like juniper berry and fennel, this particular chai is both immunity-boosting and tasty to boot. Blending in sweet vanilla with spicy cinnamon and rich liquorice, one would be forgiven for thinking they were drinking a dessert tea! 

In saying that, we think brewing this warming chai on the stovetop makes for the perfect nightcap before bed in the wintertime. 



Wait, we’re recommending a blushing brew that symbolises the tropics and forms the basis of all our iced teas…in winter? Why, yes we are. 

Hibiscus teas are the jack of all trades in that they taste delicious and is a suitable sip no matter the season! For a scarlet red tea, they really are evergreen; they taste great both hot and cold, prop up the immune system, grow in almost any climate, and carry a tart taste that everyone loves.

Given the cold gives us decision fatigue quite like nothing else (dare I go outside? What jumper should I wear?), keeping things simple and familiar with a cup of hibiscus tea is just what we all need.

Rooibos Fireside

Just the name evokes heat and joy! Healthy and hearty all-in-one, Rooibos Fireside is a herbal tisane that comprises of delicious spices and fruits on a bed of pure rooibos. 

Particularly good for sippers who hate having dry skin, rooibos blends like this one are great for rehydration and come bursting with antioxidants. Not only that, but the orange peels and sweet cinnamon could almost fool one into thinking it’s summer again.

A smattering of cloves gives the blend a finishing fragrance that’s reminiscent of literal chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Speaking of…

Christmas Tea


Some find Christmas in July corny, but at The Tea Centre, we take any excuse to sip on this beautiful composition of almond, cornflowers, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves! Christmas Tea is just what its name suggests: a bright bouquet that gives the vibes of a chilly European Christmas. 

Wonderfully fragrant, this festive brew smells like freshly baked cake and shares enough similarities to chai to carry that same warming feeling with every sip. Providing the same rush of adrenaline that one feels when getting caught underneath the mistletoe, this winter warmer is a truly fantastic tea!

For those who prefer green tea no matter the weather outside, the brew also comes with a green tea base here.

East India Earl Grey

When faced with blistering winds and frosty windows, chase warmer shores with the vibrant East India Earl Grey tea. The only tea on this list to sport bergamot, this extra dose of citrus does wonders for aching muscles. We also think that the zest from the bergamot and orange peel further provides respite against the occasional bout of seasonal blues. 

Moreover, while the trees may be looking a little sparse outside, the loose leaves in this blend are plentiful! We build the irresistible notes of Indian spices and zingy perfume on the bed of some of The Tea Centre’s richest black tea. 

This makes for a brew that has you feeling serene but strong all at once. Just what you need this winter!

Looking for more tea recommendations for the colder seasons? Then be sure to read our winter warmers article here too!

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