Black teas are fully fermented and vary in appearance, resulting in a golden-brown to dark colour and a variety of strengths and flavours. Black tea is sourced from every corner of the world, and the variation in strength and flavour can largely be attributed to the unique growing conditions in the country of origin.

Our extensive range of high-quality black teas includes strong, medium and light bodied blends, as well as a delicious, fruity range of flavoured teas. 



Our Ethical range of teas is sourced from India and Sri Lanka as part of a wider range of initiatives set up to bring the local people economic growth and secure them a sustainable livelihood. Discover more in our in-depth article.



Our flavoured black teas are exceptionally delicious and packed with mouth-watering ingredients, such as dried flowers, fruits, herbs and spices, natural essences or oils and, occasionally, artificial flavours. Flavoured teas can be enjoyed hot, but are also perfect for iced tea.



Our organic black teas are naturally full-bodied and flavoursome. Their clean and robust taste can be attributed to the way the leaves are produced, without preservatives or pesticides.



Our Small Farmers teas are sourced from a number of small farming cooperatives across India; these cooperatives are designed to economically empower the local people and protect the environment.



Our traditional black teas are made in the way they were conventionally intended, using the finest quality ingredients sourced from the finest gardens in the world.