New to stores: blend your own Bespoke Tea!

Don’t settle for cookie-cutter presents this gifting season. Cook up a blend custom-made for your taste buds (or your lucky recipients’ comfort) when you visit a Tea Centre store!

This is potentially the biggest (tea) scoop to hit our stores and The Tea Centre is so excited to finally spill the good news — our Bespoke Tea gifting service is finally here! 

Simply head into any Tea Centre store between now and Sunday, May 14 to blend your own tin of Bespoke Tea (120 grams) in approx. five minutes for just $25!  

Three bases. Six additions. Seemingly endless ways to find the perfect blend for you! Keep reading to see how The Tea Centre’s Bespoke Tea gifting service works in-store.

1 | Pick your tea base

Bespoke Tea Gifting Service: The Tea Centre staff member is looking at the tea wall, picking out the perfect base tea for your bespoke blend.

 Our friendly staff in-store will have three delicious tea base options for shoppers to choose from: First Flush Darjeeling, Cream Green, and Vanilla Black!

The base loose leaf makes up the majority of your Bespoke Tea (100 grams out of 120 grams), so it’s important to choose wisely! 

First Flush Darjeeling is a light black tea with subtle flowery notes, making it a great base for those with savoury taste buds. 

Alternatively, those with a sweet tooth will definitely gravitate towards the caramel-fuelled Cream Green Fusion and sugary Vanilla Black Fusion. Luckily, our staff will help you make the best choice for you!

2 | Add three additions

Now that we’ve chosen a base, let’s build out the flavour with tidbits and florals! With six additions at your disposal, this is truly where you can let your creativity fly. 

The additions on offer are chamomile, rose petals, mallow blossoms, hazelnut brittle, cinnamon bark, and caramel chunks! 

While we do cap additions at three individual ingredients and 20g total (any more would risk confusing taste buds), shoppers can experiment with how much or how little they wish to add.

Because petals are much lighter than the tidbits ingredients, we definitely recommend mixing and matching these different options! Once again, The Tea Centre staff will guide you every step of the way.

Bespoke Tea Gifting Service: The six possible addition that shoppers can add to their Bespoke Tea

3 | Add your message to the tin

Bespoke Tea Gifting Service: the shopper is writing a message to mum on their bespoke sleeve for the tin.

If you have someone else’s taste buds in mind when creating the Bespoke Tea, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a little space on the bottom of the sleeve where you can write a message for your loved one!

Moreover, your local loose leaf expert will tick off what ingredients were included in the blend on the sleeve as well.

The back of the bespoke tin sleeve boasts a little message from The Tea Centre too! It writes:

“This bespoke tea has been carefully blended just for you.

Featuring embossed gold foiling and a navy blue-rust orange geometric design, this limited-edition gift sleeve (exclusive only to Bespoke Tea Tins) truly conveys the unique nature of the tea inside!

All this for just $25. 


4 | Take it home!


Did we mention that anyone who opts in for the Bespoke Tea Tin receives a matching gift bag as well? 

We also have lots of peach ribbon on hand too, and just enough space inside the gift bag to fit a cute teaware piece like the handy little things strainer or nori mug!

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, find a peaceful and custom gift for Mum in any one of our ten stores across Queensland, New South Wales, and the ACT before Sunday, May 14! Find your closest store here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this service available online?

Due to the highly specialised nature of the service, we can offer the Bespoke Tea gifting service in stores for now.

What are the allergen risks?

While every base and addition in this service is handled using separate, individual, food-grade utensils, there is still a risk of cross-contamination. For this reason, The Tea Centre discourages any shoppers with nut or dairy allergies from opting in for this service. 

What’s are the additional ingredients?

Rose petals: pue rose petals. 

Chamomile: pure whole chamomile blossoms.

Mallow blossoms: pure mallow blossom petals.

Hazelnut Brittle: hazelnut and sugar. Please note that this ingredient contains nuts.

Caramel Chunks: sugar, glucose, butterfat, humectant Sorbit (E 420), emulgator (E 471)), and flavour. Please note that this ingredient contains dairy.

Cinnamon Bark: just cinnamon, roughly grounded.

Want to enjoy the Bespoke Tea service PLUS extra savings that would make Mum proud? Then be sure to attend one of our upcoming Mother’s Day VIP Nights listed here! One only needs to be a Leaf Lover to attend. 

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