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Author: Caitlyn, Chermside   Date Posted: 10 November 2017

The Tea Centre reveals the ritual behind its most iconic beverage.

Author: Caitlyn, Chermside   Date Posted: 27 October 2017

At The Tea Centre, our dedication to sourcing the finest quality tea extends to a social and environmental responsibility.

Author: The Tea Centre   Date Posted: 15 October 2017

The warm spice of ginger root is balanced by the rich tanginess of rosella, providing a delightfully refreshing taste.

Author: The Tea Centre   Date Posted: 11 September 2017

Regarded as the key to good health, happiness and wisdom in the east for thousands of years, herbal teas vary in both chemical composition and benefits.

Author: Hayley, Kotara   Date Posted: 4 September 2017

The onset of spring brings an exciting time of renewal, growth and positive change. We become inspired to clean our homes, to come out of winter hibernation, to plant seeds, to feel sunshine on our bodies, and to be more active.

Date Posted: 23 August 2017

Ayurvedic medicine is rooted in ancient Indian history, with the word Ayurveda translating to ‘life-knowledge’. Its application to tea is effective in balancing the body, offering natural remedies for allergies, anxiety and digestion.

Author: Caitlyn, Chermside   Date Posted: 4 August 2017

If you order a chai in any average Australian café, you will most likely be served a chai latte. But this (often delicious) milk, sugar and ground spice concoction is actually missing one special ingredient. Tea.

Date Posted: 24 November 2016

How to make an easy gingerbread soap, a practical, well appreciated gift that is perfect for stocking fillers, teacher's gifts or for the person who has everything!