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Author: Caitlyn   Date Posted: 11 March 2018

For the last two centuries Denby has been renowned for their hardy, handcrafted English tableware - used daily and passed down through generations. Given its proven durability, a Denby teapot can pour thousands of cups of tea in its lifetime.

Author: The Tea Centre   Date Posted: 27 February 2018

Zesty and fruity in flavour, this cocktail jug contains no refined sugar. Based on our Berry Delicious fruit infusion, it is also high in vitamin C. It’s a fresher, healthier way to indulge on a Saturday afternoon this summer!

Author: The Tea Centre   Date Posted: 15 February 2018

This very Aussie iced tea is uplifting, refreshing and perfect for serving on a hot summer day!

Author: Tea Centre Article   Date Posted: 13 February 2018

A seasoned tea drinker can easily tell you about the origins of the traditional cup of tea. But what about the origins of the iced alternative?

Author: The Tea Centre   Date Posted: 22 January 2018

From long days at the beach, to gatherings at home with friends and family, we have everything you need to beat the heat. Discover our 5 tips for surviving summer below.

Author: The Tea Centre   Date Posted: 16 January 2018

Author: The Tea Centre   Date Posted: 27 December 2017

From those filled with relaxing green teas to those with teas blended in Australia, black blends and our signature teas, we have a collection that’s perfectly suited to every tea connoisseur.

Author: Caitlyn, Chermside   Date Posted: 19 December 2017

Christmas is the perfect time of year to share a cup of tea with your loved ones. Our rich range of festive blends are sure to make your festive ritual one to remember.