Berry and Lime Infusion Cocktail Jug

Author: The Tea Centre   Date Posted:27 February 2018 

Zesty and fruity in flavour, this cocktail jug contains no refined sugar. Based on our Berry Delicious fruit infusion, it is also high in vitamin C. It’s a fresher, healthier way to indulge on a Saturday afternoon this summer!

Berry and Lime Infusion Cocktail Jug main image Berry and Lime Infusion Cocktail Jug image


• Berry Delicious fruit infusion

• 2 limes

• A 1.25L bottle of soda water

• An iced tea jug

• Vodka

• Ice cubes

• A handful of strawberries



1. Place 2 tablespoons of Berry Delicious in the infuser of an iced tea jug.

2. Fill jug with one 1.25L bottle of soda water.

3. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours.

4. Squeeze the juice of a lime into the jug.

5. Pour in five 30ml shots of vodka.

6. Garnish with ice cubes, slices of remaining lime and pieces of strawberry.



• Pour the soda water in the jug slowly to prevent it from going flat.

• For a non-alcoholic version of this recipe, simply skip the vodka.


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