The Tea Centre Launches New App!

Author: Corina Wilson   Date Posted:29 April 2016 

The Tea Centre launches its own 'App' where you can also join our new 'Tea Culture Club' for ongoing discounts and exclusive offers.

The Tea Centre Launches New App! main image The Tea Centre Launches New App! image

Most people today have a smart phone, tablet or laptop for the convenience of access and mobility. We've also noticed an increasing trend of customers using these devices to place their orders online or double check our store locations or details. So to make life a little simpler we've decided to introduce the new 'Tea Centre App'. 

So with one click you'll be able to access all that The Tea Centre has to offer. It's very easy to use and you'll find all of the following contained within the app - 

Website - quite convenient if you like to order online.

Stores - locations, opening hours, phone numbers, address details and a map.

Social media pages - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Tea brewing tips - here you'll find some simple directions on how to brew the many different varieties of teas now available 

'Tea Culture Club' membership - we would encourage you to sign up to the 'Tea Culture Club' for exclusive discounts and offers which will only be available to club members. 

Blogs - containing recipes, tea information etc. 

Pocket tools - make notes about the teas you might enjoy trying next, or the one's family members like (so you remember when purchasing gifts), take pictures to share with your Facebook friends etc.

So as you can see the new Tea Centre App is quite extensive and you'll have access to everything you need at your fingertips. Best of all the 'App' is FREE, you just need to go to your designated 'App Store' to download it -

iTunes for Apple customers, please click here for a direct link to our app via iTunes.

Android phones often use Google Play for downloading apps. Please click here for a direct link to our app via Google Play.

Windows desktop or smartphones need to access the Microsoft Store, please click here for a direct link to our app via the Microsoft Store.