Tea Information

Author: Denise   Date Posted: 30 August 2016

A refreshing green tea blend for the Spring lover and a remedial herbal tisane for the wannabe Spring lovers.

Author: Denise   Date Posted: 24 August 2016

Blooming tea balls are a beautiful way to enjoy the coming of Spring. Check out this little article that we also have featured in the 2016 Spring edition of Home Grown lifestyle magazine.

Author: Denise   Date Posted: 27 June 2016

Included amongst the 119 tea estates of Sivasagar district is Hajua. Referred to by the Assamese as the “shelter of the swans”, this estate is best known for its wonderfully tippy leaves, which produce a rich and smooth flavour profile.

Author: Denise   Date Posted: 28 April 2016

In the sprawling Kenyan highlands that fringe the Great Rift Valley, fertile volcanic red soil yields some of the finest, rich-flavoured tea in the world.

Author: Denise   Date Posted: 28 April 2016

Originating in the south of Stockholm and introduced to Australia by one of The Tea Centre’s owners, Kim Torstensson, Stockholm Blend quickly took off as one of the most popular teas in the artisanal tea market.

Author: Denise   Date Posted: 1 March 2016

For some, caffeine has long been considered a necessary evil when the desire to enjoy a good cup of tea arises. While the thought of caffeine makes a few tea drinkers feel uneasy, the concept of decaffeinated tea (or coffee) tends to rate even lower.

Author: Denise   Date Posted: 2 February 2016

Jasmine Monkey King’s popularity stems from the perfectly balanced flavours of fresh jasmine blossoms and the beautiful quality of fine Chinese green tea leaves that compose this blend.

Author: Denise   Date Posted: 20 January 2016

Rich and refreshing, tart and tantalising. The resulting drink is an intensely cerise infusion with a tangy flavour reminiscent of raspberry, rhubarb, plum, or cranberries.