Brewing Debates: 4 Tea Flavours That Commonly Divide Sippers

Flavours have a magical ability to evoke memories, create connections, and stimulate our senses. However, in the world of food and beverages – including tea – not all flavours are universally adored (looking at you, Coriander). Some tastes stir up strong opinions, dividing taste buds and tea enthusiasts alike. 

Join us on a journey through some polarizing flavours, exploring the reasons behind their divisive nature, as well as some of our very own tea blends that fans of these flavours will love!


Liquorice: A Love-Hate Relationship

Liquorice, derived from the licorice plant’s root, presents a polarising flavour characterised by its sweet, earthy, and slightly anise-like notes. While some savour its unique taste, others recoil at the intensity, associating it with medicinal remedies or finding the anise-like flavour overpowering.

Are you a Liquorice Lover? Well do we have the tea for you, literally. Liquorice Lover is a blend of black tea and liquorice, reminiscent of a liquorice allsorts lolly.

Chocolate Mint: A Divisive Duo

The marriage of chocolate and mint, a classic combination for many, is a common source of division. Whether it be an after dinner mint or choc mint ice cream, Mint’s refreshing coolness clashes with the richness of chocolate for some, creating an either love-it-or-hate-it scenario. Those who enjoy the dynamic duo appreciate the contrast, while others find it akin to toothpaste and as a result, an unsettling clash of flavours.

Our After Dark Tea is a luxurious blend of chocolate with just a hint of cool mint, reminiscent of an after dinner mint – the perfect post-dinner palate cleanse.


After Dark

Amaretto: A Nutty Conundrum

The distinctive almond-like flavour of amaretto can be divisive due to its strong, sweet, and nutty profile. While some embrace its presence in beverages and desserts, others find the taste overwhelming or reminiscent of marzipan. 

Those who are a fan of marzipan, almond croissants, or Italian Amaretto will love our Amaretto Tea, a black tea flavoured with intense almond essence.



Bergamot: Citrus Controversy

Bergamot, the citrusy essence found in Earl Grey tea, has its own set of fans and critics. The floral and aromatic notes of bergamot can be refreshing for tea enthusiasts, but the intensity of the flavour can be off-putting for others. The divisive nature often stems from personal preferences regarding the strength of the citrus infusion and its impact on the overall tea-drinking experience.

The Tea Centre’s range of Earl Grey Fusions has an Earl Grey tea for every occasion, from floral, to fruity, to decaf for those evening cuppas.


There’s Something for Everyone at The Tea Centre

Regardless of your flavour preferences, and if you think the above flavours are yuck or yum, we have a wide selection of teas to suit every palate – from Black Teas to Green Teas, Fruit Teas to Herbal Teas, and Traditional Teas to Fusion Blends – there’s truly something for everyone.

So, the next time you find yourself in a heated debate over whether a flavour is great or gross, remember that the beauty of tea lies in its ability to cater to a multitude of tastes. After all, it’s our differences that make the journey through flavours so uniquely delectable.


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