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An image of The Tea Centre staff member scooping loose leaf tea by hand using a gold scoop. The tea featured is Genmaicha green tea.

The Tea Centre stores: why we scoop loose leaf tea by hand

Not just any tea shop! This Tea Journal entry is a warm nod to our custom of scooping tea by hand, plus all the little quirks that make visiting a Tea Centre store special.

An image of three loose leaf tins from the Australian Botanical Tea Collection.

An Australian Botanical Tea collection to suit all taste buds

Our timeless expanse embodied in nine Australian teas, each as variegated as the palates they were crafted to satisfy. Acquaint your taste buds with the Australian Botanical Tea collection today!

The Tea Centre | Easter Earthenware & Bakery Blends | Hot Cross Buns

Hot off the kiln: Easter Earthenware & Bakery Blends!

The hunt for quality earthenware & guilt-free Easter bakery blends ends at Hearth & Home: The Tea Centre’s autumn teas and teawares collection!


Teaware 101: Emotional Support Bottle

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or just not on TikTok), you would know that ‘emotional support’ water bottles are in…