A Christmas Gift Guide for Everyone | The Tea Centre 2022

A Christmas Gift Guide for everyone

Does anyone else think that Christmas ‘gifts for him’ and ‘gifts for her’ guides are a bit of a snoozefest? The Tea Centre is here to make a tea-themed Christmas Gift Guide for everyone this December!

If our 150+ tea range and scarily accurate TikTok algorithm have taught us anything, there’s always room to find one’s niche. To generalise is to be boring, and while December may be the season for wrapping gifts, one thing we don’t want to put in a box is the whims and fancies of our tea lovers.

However, while everyone is different in this world, one constant is that The Tea Centre has unique brews to suit each and every one of them.  

Therefore, we’re skipping the typecasting ‘socks for him’ and ‘perfume for her’ recommendations this year. Instead, find below our thoughtful suggestions for the personas that unfailingly pop up every silly season!

The ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’ | Age of Sail or Silk Road wooden tea box

If this person had an opening title sequence to their life, it would be the QANTAS ad. They have more frequent flyer points than we have tea, and a passport absolutely littered with stamps. But despite their bohemian lifestyle, they always make the effort to come home for Christmas.

A Christmas Gift Guide for Everyone | The Tea Centre 2022

Such personalities will love a gift that’s as adventurous and well-travelled as them. In that case, how could we go past the Silk Road and Age of Sail wooden tea boxes? Each chest is packed with storied teas that inherit unique tales from the lands and ports they passed through…just like the world traveller in your life.

Moreover, did we mention that each tea box holds twelve teas? I can hear the ‘would you check out the mileage on that!’ exclamation from here.

When ‘acts of service’ is their love language | A tea-for-two set

There’s a 20% chance you have one of these guys in your life…and if you can’t quite place who it is, we 100% guarantee it’s the one hosting seasonal dinner parties and voluntarily offering to make the Christmas ham. 

We can’t relate but we can suggest the perfect gift for them! These personalities are after an experience more than anything, so why not buy them a tea set that helps them better cater their next big event?

A Christmas Gift Guide for Everyone | The Tea Centre 2022

Moreover, if you want to buy them something a little more personable, the Ashdene tea-for-two sets in blue bell, sage, or lilac could make for the perfect gift. Simply pair it with some Love Potion and the promise to have tea with them soon (making sure to follow through)!

Not only will it melt their hearts, but will be the topic of conversation at dinner parties for months to come.

The ‘don’t buy me a thing’ | Deluxe Duo boxes

We love how low-fuss these personalities are, but if we hear ‘your presence is my present’ one more time, our gift-loving hearts might just burst. Luckily, we have the perfect package in our back pocket for these guys: our pocket-size deluxe duo boxes.

Small enough that they can’t say ‘you spent too much on me!’ but big enough to show how much you care, our deluxe duo boxes capture a world of flavour in just two teas. No matter if you choose Port-to-Starboard, East-to-West, or Night-to-Light…they’re gonna love it because it came from you!

But also, did we mention that all boxes boast a super nifty scoop-come-tea-infuser? Even the most chill folks will take interest in such a compact and multi-functional gift.

The romantic | Classic Christmas tea tin

If you think this suggestion is a bit of a stretch, you’d be right—because this gift will have you and beau strolling arm-in-arm through a winter wonderland with just one sip!

The wonderland in question is Christkindlesmarkt, which is the biggest Christmas market in the world…hence all the amorous strolling. Our Classic Christmas tea tin evokes the almond aroma of the market’s famous gingerbread cookies, and the black tea base sparkles like the Christmas lights sprinkled all over the square.

As for those who’ve been dreaming of a White Christmas? If you can’t cross the pond just yet, this warming stocking filler is the next best thing! While away the time while you save with a pot of Christmas tea every day. You’ll be skiing down the slopes of Mont Blanc before you know it. 

The animal activist | A motley crew of teawares

Former horse girls, Steve Irwin/Jane Goodall reincarnates, and those who never grew out of their Bambi-obsessed Disney phase…no matter what subculture the animal lover in your life falls under, we probably have a beautiful teaware piece to match! 

In fact, The Tea Centre rivals Noah’s Ark what with our hobnob assortment of little birds, bees, cats, butterflies, and owl teaware pieces! Our particular favourite is the ‘Tiny Cats’ 2-cup tea set

Can’t narrow down their favourite animal? Then give them the gift of choice with a Tea Centre gift card! Not only can you purchase a digital gift card at several different price points (one for every budget), but include a personal message that goes with the gift too.

Ebeneezer Scrooge copycats | All three Captain’s Quarters tins

When it comes to the grinch in your family, hit them with Christmas past, present, and yet-to-come all at once with our premium Captain’s Quarters tea tins! 

Nip any ‘bah humbug’s in the bud with the superbly floral Buddha’s Tears or talk to their love for the finer things in life with the luxurious Silver Needles white tea from China. 

Or if the Scrooge in question is you, resist the urge to make like the captain and keep Gyokuro under lock and key. This Japanese green tea boasting a smooth mouthfeel and sweet aftertaste is meant for special occasions, and tastes even better when shared! 

None of the above suggestions quite make the cut for Kris Kringle? Luckily, we have plenty more to choose from! Peruse our range of gifts, accessories, and loose leaf teas today. There’s something for everyone at The Tea Centre.

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