Christmas Tea – A Jolly Treat

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, all the creatures were stirring a lovely cup of tea.

Christmas Eve. It’s the biggest night of the year for Santa and with all the travelling he has to do, it’s nice to come down the chimney to a welcome treat.

But if we stopped to consider how much milk, fruit juice, and the odd tipple that Santa must consume, not to mention all the biscuits, cakes, and slices he must eat in that one evening, you could imagine he’d be feeling pretty bloated by the morning.

So instead of the usual Christmas Eve spread, why not put out a steaming pot of Christmas Tea?

A lovely, light, and healthy alternative to the usual fare of lactose, santa and teasugar, and alcohol, Christmas Tea is the embodiment of festive cheer. Besides the advantage of tea being a naturally wholesome pick-me-up, Santa would also appreciate the flavours inspired by snowy winters in the Northern Hemisphere. The combination of orange peel, apple flavour, and cinnamon and cloves magically captures the spiced fruitiness of a traditional Christmas cake with candied orange. This is topped with the nuttiness of almonds that accentuate the sweet aroma of marzipan.

But Santa shouldn’t be the only one enjoying all that yummy festivity. If Christmas lunch seconds has left you feeling a little bit full and little bit guilty, then a lovely cup of Christmas tea is the perfect and less rich way to satisfy any desire for dessert. At least until the pavlova comes out.

If you’re after a small gift for all those tea lovers and foodies out there, a little packet of Christmas Tea also makes an ideal stocking filler. And while this blend was the obvious choice to be showcased at this time of the year, it is in fact available all year round at The Tea Centre, so you can enjoy a little bit of Christmas every day.

Be aware though: if you do end up leaving out a pot of Christmas Tea on Christmas Eve you might just find a jolly guest in the morning, still happily sipping away.

Christmas Tea is available as a black tea and a green tea 


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