Christmas Brews—A Jolly Treat

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…until it comes to figuring out who’s hosting Christmas lunch, where did the wrapping paper go, and ‘what do you mean I’m in charge of the prawns?’

Was it Christmas if your blood pressure didn’t spike along with the Aussie summer heat? Luckily, The Tea Centre is more than happy to play thermostat, with our tea-loving experts recommending the perfect Christmas brews to beat any ‘bah humbug’ feeling!  

Without further ado, find the best festive tea recommendations below.

‘Oh what, I still have gifts to wrap?’ | Glögg Black Tea


‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, all the creatures were stirring a lovely cup of tea. Specifically, they’re pouring out Glögg Black tea, which is equal parts caffeine adrenaline and festive spirit in a cup. 

No matter if your sticky tape goes missing at two in the morning or you haven’t quite figured out how to wrap a football yet; for some reason, wrapping presents becomes so much easier when you have this beautiful orange peel, clove, and nut brittle brew by your side.

‘This ham is not going to bake itself’ | Gingerbread Tea

What to do when you’re procrastinating about dinner? Have dessert first! Just one sip of our rich Gingerbread tea can perk up any tired homecook thanks to its sweet infusion of caramel and cinnamon with a ginger brittle zing. 

What’s more, did you know that this tea boasts a black tea base? This loose leaf has enough caffeine content to stop your eyes from glazing over, which means you can get on with glazing the ham instead.

‘I wonder if Santa is lactose intolerant’ | Christmas Tea

Christmas Eve. It’s the biggest night of the year for Santa, and with all the travelling he has to do, it’s nice to come down the chimney to a welcome treat. But if we stopped to consider how much milk Santa must consume in one evening, you could imagine he’d be feeling pretty bloated by the morning.

So instead of the usual queasy combo of milk and cookies, why not put out a steaming pot of Christmas Tea? Christmas tea is a lovely, light, and healthy alternative to the usual fare of lactose, sugar, and alcohol. 

The combination of orange peel, apple flavour, and cinnamon and cloves magically captures the spiced fruitiness of a traditional Christmas cake with candied orange. This is topped with the nuttiness of almonds that accentuate the sweet aroma of marzipan.

‘I don’t think there’s room for pavlova’ | Glögg Green


Santa shouldn’t be the only one enjoying all that yummy festivity! Inspired by snowy winters in the Northern Hemisphere, a lovely cup of Glögg Green. Just like it’s black tea counterpart, this loose leaf packs in delicious elements of fruit and spice.

 If Christmas lunch seconds has left you feeling a little bit full and a little bit guilty, then a lovely cup of Glogg Green is the perfect and less rich way to satisfy any desire for dessert. At least until the pavlova comes out.

‘Bah humbug’ | Amaretto

Okay Scrooge, we hear you! We’re here to make Christmas better for the bitter with our bitters-inspired Amaretto blend. Tasting like Christmas marzipan, this liqueur-like loose leaf will have even the biggest Grinch feeling festive! 

Think bouquets of almond essence and almond pieces, not to mention a beautiful black tea base. 


Looking for festive brews on a budget? Then you’ll love Rum Ball tea! Enjoy 20% off when purchasing the loose leaf this Christmas. 

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