Consciously crafted tea bags

Here’s to being part of the solution (and not pollution)!

Big things come in small packages. That’s why The Tea Centre is excited to announce that our consciously crafted tea bags range will be making the full transition to being 100% plant-based and plastic-free! 

In making this change, we’re ensuring that the tea you are sipping on is very best while also prioritising your health and the environment. We have carefully chosen materials that are eco-friendly and clean. They also contain no harmful chemicals. Your personal wellbeing will benefit from these consciously crafted tea bags filled only with healthy ingredients and wholesome flavour. 

The changes to our consciously crafted tea bags packaging

The tea bags

We’re starting from the inside out!

The Tea Centre tea bags you know and love have always been 100% biodegradable, GMO-free, and made from plant-based materials. Specifically, they are made from natural sugarcane.

Our tea bags are also heat-sealed without glue. This allows tea drinkers to sip without concern for synthetic chemicals. 

However, we use to wrap our tea bags in a plastic inner packaging for protection. We also use to present them in one of The Tea Centre’s signature refillable tins…until now!


The inner packaging

We are swapping out the plastic material our inner protective bags are made from with NatureFlex packaging. It may look like plastic, but NatureFlex is actually a cellulose film made from 100% natural wood pulp!

This makes it suitable for both the compost and recycle bin. A Japanese innovation, NatureFlex is a light and durable material. This keeps our tea bags fresh, creates a barrier that protects them from bacteria and oxygen, and maintains the integrity of the tea inside. 

In prioritising your health, we use NatureFlex because it protects the tea from mineral oil contamination, grease, moisture, and UV rays. Similar to our tea bags, this packaging is heat-sealable. This gives harmful chemicals zero chances to permeate the tea.

The outer packaging

Do out signature tea tins our tea bags come in look amazing on a shelf? Yes!

However, we understand that our leaf lovers don’t want a new tin with each tea bag repurchase.

That is why The Tea Centre now provides the option to purchase 50 tea bags inside a fully recyclable carton! These cartons are consciously crafted from food-grade cardboard. 

Moreover, the gold foil stamping and print on our cartons is 100% recyclable. We do all this to ensure that both our tasty tea and the entire manufacturing process is something you can feel good about.


What’s coming up next?

At The Tea Centre, we never stop looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re always researching new options that help our environment while still providing our leaf lovers with the finest and freshest loose leaf tea! 

Our next immediate step will be to transition the inner packaging inside our tea bag tins range to NatureFlex package. Furthermore, now that our consciously crafted tea bags range is completely plastic-free, we’re looking to tackle our loose leaf tea collection! 


Our pre-packaged loose leaf gift tins are reusable, and the sleeves are already recyclable. However, we’re still working towards making the foil bags that our loose leaf refills come in 100% compostable without plastic lamination. 

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Alternatively, explore our new consciously crafted tea bag cartons here.

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