Detoxing Tisanes – A Cleansing Cuppa

The time for resolutions has arrived again and with it come the many promises we make to ourselves to live healthier and happier

While we have the best intentions, January is the month that will usually make or break us. They say it takes twenty-one days to get into the routine of doing something. However, motivation has a way of dissipating as the afterglow of pledging inspirational changes for the better begins to dim. Then those midnight vows are all for naught as 6am runs get snoozed through, and sneaky chocolate bars slip into afternoon tea breaks.

While maintaining a strictly healthy lifestyle can sometimes feel painstaking, at The Tea Centre we believe if it can be helped with a cup of tea, then it can’t be entirely terrible.

So we’ve compiled a list of our best detoxing herbal teas, or tisanes, to help kick-start some of those resolutions. These blends share many of the same ingredients, but with a few variations in each, it is just a matter of finding the one that is the tastiest to you.


Detox and Cleanse:

A resolution in itself, Detox and Cleanse is perhaps one of the most popular Detox & Cleansetisane blends in our herbal range. A combination of calendula flowers, nettle, ginger, spearmint, dandelion root, red clover, lemongrass, hibiscus, and elderflowers makes for an excellent all-rounder detoxifier by addressing the digestive tract, liver, and skin health.

  • Calendula petals work to relieve indigestion and gas, Because calendula is also an anti-bacterial and an anti-inflammatory, it is just as ideal for helping treat sore throats, gum disease, and ulcers.
  • Nettle is a beautifying ingredient as its properties are just as much about keeping you looking healthy as they are about making you feel healthy. Containing a rich source of nutrients like iron, chlorophyll, vitamin A, and silica, nettle is a good tonic for tending to tired and debilitated states. Possibly due to its high silica levels, nettle has also been long-used to improve the condition of hair, skin, and nails.
  • Ginger, as a highly revered ingredient, is well known for aiding digestion as well as reducing nausea and bloating.
  • Spearmint exhibits similar therapeutic properties to peppermint in that it is excellent in aiding wind pains, flatulence, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, nausea, indigestion, and reflux.
  • Dandelion root is a star ingredient as its uses include aiding liver function, sluggish bowels, and skin problems.
  • Red clover has previously been used for helping arteries remain strong and flexible. Some studies have shown that this ingredient may help in reducing the chances of a heart attack or stroke by preventing plaque deposits such as blood cells, fats, and other substances from building up.
  • Lemongrass is yet another active ingredient in aiding digestion, particularly targeting bloating and flatulence. As a mild painkiller, this common herb is also helpful for dealing with headaches and nervous exhaustion.
  • Hibiscus contains high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C making it particularly beneficial for your skin. Vitamin C helps skin repair itself and is essential in the production of collagen, which is what gives skin its firmness and strength.
  • Elderflower is generally known as a great flavouring for cordials and syrups, however, it is also has a number of therapeutic uses. The chlorogenic acids in elderflower are effective in reducing blood sugar levels, similarly to how insulin works, and is known to help with relieving constipation.

Although a pretty and bright blend of flowers and herbs, if left to steep for the recommended minimum of 5 minutes, Detox and Cleanse creates a surprisingly dark infusion similar looking to a strong black tea but with a reddish tinge thanks to the hibiscus. The dandelion root offers a touch of bitterness that isn’t unpleasant due to the tanginess of the hibiscus and the freshness of the spearmint sans the overwhelming menthol scent normally associated with most mints.


The name is merely a side effect of this tisane’s potential. From our Glow OrganicBeaming With Health range, this concoction of detoxifiers has been blended with a focus on skin health. Glow has been known to help with skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, acne, boils, carbuncles, skin infections, the pox, and cellulite, and is also effective for treating mild constipation and sluggish bowels. Sharing many of the previously mentioned ingredients including burdock, nettle, calendula, peppermint, ginger, liquorice, and spearmint, Glow also contains cleavers, echinacea, cardamom, lemon balm, and rooibos.

  • Cleavers create an excellent lymphatic tonic. The lymph system basically aids in washing away toxins from the tissues by passing them back into the bloodstream to be cleansed by the liver and kidneys.
  • Echinacea boosts the body’s immune system and immune response to help fight acute infection.
  • Cardamom relieves indigestion and helps stimulate appetite.
  • Lemon balm is used for its digestive properties such as dealing with indigestion but is particularly well known for having a sedative and relaxing effect, which makes it ideal for nervous anxiety, depression, and tension headaches.
  • Rooibos has traditionally been used to treat digestive problems, on top of allergies and insomnia. Because rooibos is a rich source of polyphenol antioxidants, it is also good for the blood vessels in terms of dealing with haemorrhoids, varicose veins, and fluid retention.

Another earthy infusion, Glow is a tad spicier in taste with the ginger and the addition of cardamom. With both peppermint and spearmint in the mix, there is a minty hint that lingers in the aftertaste.

We know the calendar year can be a bit of a vicious cycle with changes in our metabolism occurring just as frequently as the changes in the season. So take some of the stress out of keeping your system cleansed by slipping one of these delicious detoxifiers into your daily attempt at reconciling your resolutions. Good luck!


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