Doing Business Over a Cup of Tea

The New Year seems to come around far too fast, and the old year disappears in the blink of an eye. One thing that usually disappears a little fast are those New Year’s resolutions we always intend to keep, but you know!

This New Year how about doing something for you? It might just help you slow everything down a little; don’t drink as much coffee this coming year. Australians have a sophisticated coffee culture which trickles into our complex assessment of the coffee shop –  who has the best beans, who’s the best barista, have they scorched the milk, and on, and on. We also conduct much of our business over coffee, whether that’s a business to business meeting, the local mother’s group sorting out their business, family business, or the high flying sales rep going for his million dollar sales deal. And with the growing popularity of in-home coffee machines, they’ve now invaded our home space; pod, bag, satchel, bean… and woe betide anyone who brings out the instant stuff! Listening to the TV we now have a ‘coffee pod war’ between the retailers, what next?

Whilst a delicious, fresh cup of coffee is an incredibly enjoyable experience, the social pressures of being a sophisticated drinker and the excess caffeine can put a dampener on things. So this year try reducing your coffee intake and have a go at converting to tea! Green-Tea

Not only does tea have a lighter, cleaner taste, but if you let green teas become your treat, you won’t only be reducing your caffeine but also helping reduce your dentist bills due to the natural fluoride present in green teas. Tea is packed with naturally occurring polyphonic compounds (or anti-oxidants) and can help with some of life’s nasties – like stroke, heart disease, cancer and the list goes on. Better still the average coffee pod costs between .60c to .95c, whereas the average cup of tea costs around .25c !

Many also find the ritual of making a pot or cup of tea to be very therapeutic in itself. The process helps you slow down, as it allows for a personal moment which just can’t be rushed. You must select your tea, allow the kettle to heat up, warm your favourite pot, and wait for your tea to brew. Then when your gorgeous brew is ready, you may pour it into a delicate teacup or a cosy mug – what a pleasant moment, as you wait while it cools slightly before savouring the flavours, the intricacies and the depth of the brew. So, you see a cup of tea is not to be rushed. Perhaps this is precisely what we need more of – slightly applying the brakes on our hectic lives.

Take time out, do your business over a cup of tea.  The-Beatles-drinking-tea

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