The Best Easter Tea Pairings

The only time of the year where it’s socially acceptable to eat choccy eggs with English Breakfast is almost here…

Ready to tip your teacups to the choc-a-bloc festivities ahead? This Easter long weekend, The Tea Centre’s loose leaf experts are throwing any rabbit food diets out the window in exchange for the treats found in the Easter Bunny’s basket. As for the brews to match? Look no further than our list of the best Easter tea pairings below!

Dairy Milk Chocolate

Picture this: it’s Easter Sunday even and you’re full of happy memories of that morning’s hunt…but that’s about it. The only spoils of victory left from that morning are sticky foil wrappers and a big tummy ache. What’s your solution?

Introducing The Tea Centre’s After Dark tea! Low in caffeine and high in chocolate flavour, this humble brew abates any sugar rush and is the perfect sip for winding down the day. What’s makes it the best tea pairing for dairy milk chocolate though is its infusion of African mint!

Similar to peppermint and other minty blends, After Dark has a calming effect on the tummy and respiratory system. Specifically, not only does After Dark taste delicious but is also capable of soothing wind pains too.

Compound ‘chocolate’


Before you ask, YES, compound ‘chocolate’ and real chocolate are two completely different foods that should never be grouped together! Proper chocolate evokes happiness and the feasts of Easters past. 

Fake chocolate (which replaces delicious cocoa butter compounds with a fat substitute like vegetable oil) tastes like watered-down chalk in comparison. And yet there’s always one Aunt that brings it to Easter lunch not knowing any better! 

Luckily, our Chocolate Brownie tea is here to save the day. Politely scoffing down compound chocolate eggs is ten times easier with this brew by your side. Boasting real chocolate drops and malty black tea, this indulgent brew can make even the toughest compound chocolate taste smooth and sweet.


What’s better than a delicious lamington on a steamy Easter Sunday? Why, a lamington infused with extra jam and cream, of course! 

As for those who want to elevate their festive lamington sans the calories, look no further than our creamy and fruity Cherry Splice tea. Featuring coconut rasps that give the infusion a unique creaminess and jammy cranberry notes, Cherry Splice is the perfect accompaniment to this Aussie favourite. 

Is pairing these two together akin to doubling down on dessert? Yes, it is (and don’t mind if we do)!

Hot Cross Buns


What Easter tea pairing list would be complete without hot cross buns? Fluffy, spicy, and delicious to boot, hot cross buns are the hallmark of the season. Therefore, the pairing to this snack needs to be equally ubiquitous and taste like Easter in a cup.

The Tea Centre’s Easter Blend tea fits the bill! A rich marriage between cornflowers, safflowers, sunflowers, sweet flavour, and black tea, Easter Blend encompasses the scents of spring gardens, Easter egg hunt, and new beginnings. 

Creamy, cosy, and boasting that familiar breakfast black tea taste, Easter Blend tastes delicious with hot cross buns, but could honestly pair well with any of the dishes featured on this list!

Why just opt for one delicious Easter tea when you can have them all? From now until Sunday, April 17, purchase three of The Tea Centre’s Easter tea tins for just $50. That’s a saving of $10! You can find the full collection here.

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