Easter teas & treats

Pssst! Ask the Easter bunny to hide these tea treats in your backyard this April…

A batch of Easter delights (rivalling that of hot cross buns, lamingtons, and chocolate crème eggs) has arrived at The Tea Centre!

Hunt around in-store or online, and you’re sure to find some Easter eggs of Marvel-like proportions. Namely, The Tea Centre’s brilliant Easter ‘Little Luxuries’ Collection!

Wishing you a colourful Easter

Ready to come down the rabbit hole into the wonderful world of tea? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Drink in the kaleidoscope of colours featured on the sleeves of our terrazzo-inspired Easter tea tins and then dive into the teas inside. We’re talking Chocolate Brownie, Cherry Splice, After Dark, and the quintessential Easter Blend.

Also bringing vibrancy and colour to our collection is The Tea Centre’s latest batch of goodies from Australian pottery makers, Robert Gordon.

The bespeckled beauties that you see above are Robert Gordon’s new Ceylon mugs in white, pink, and duck egg blue!

Don’t let their cute teacup-like appearance fool you; these cuppas boast a 350ml capacity and are the perfect size to cup your hands around at the breakfast table. Plus, who could resist their beautiful pastel finish?

It’s safe to say that treating your cupboards and filling your cup with glee this Easter has never been easier. What’s more, The Tea Centre has an Easter season offer that’ll help you save for the choc-a-bloc festivities ahead. 

The Easter teas

From now until Easter Sunday, The Tea Centre is offering all customers any three of our indulgent and delicious Easter tea gift tins for just $50. That’s a saving of $10!  

The perfect deal for those sippers looking to gift outside the box (of chocolates), you could give two away to friends and Easter party hosts while still keeping one for yourself! Furthermore, the vibrant, limited-edition sleeves also make our tins the perfect centrepiece for Easter afternoon tea table.

Easter Blend Tea Tin

Easter Blend

Cosy up with a cup of our Easter Blend tea. 

Ingredients: black tea, cornflower, sunflower, safflower, and flavour

Tasting notes: cream and malt with chocolaty top notes

Highlights: bright aromatics, colourful loose leaf & warming to drink

Chocolate Brownie

The perfect and most decadent dessert tea.

Ingredients: Black tea, chocolate, chocolate drops, and flavour.

Tasting notes: buttercream, cocoa and nutty undertones.

Highlights: Rich dessert flavours and velvety mouthfeel.


Cherry Splice

A chocolate bar in a teacup!

Ingredients: Black tea, cranberry, chocolate drops, coconut, and flavour

Tasting notes: Tartness, sugar, and milk chocolate

Highlights: Fruit-forward profile and lavish full-bodied flavour

After Dark

The dark horse of our luxurious dessert tea blends.

Ingredients: Black tea and flavour; cocoa oil and African mint

Tasting notes: Minty, malty, and roasted nutty chocolate

Highlights: Smooth mouthfeel and cooling to sip


Other Easter teawares

While the influx of pastel Ceylon products marks new beginnings, Easter’s also the perfect time to resurrect our stunning Robert Gordon’s crafted mugs collection.


Masterfully handcrafted and in sets of two, these bespoke mugs featuring a scalloped design come in white, pink, umber, lilac, and olive

And what’s Easter without a basket to put your chocolaty teas in? In fact, our ‘Handy Little Things’ tea strainer not only looks like a mini-basket but is the perfect accessory for infusing your Easter teas too!

Also from Robert Gordon, this raw ceramic strainer boasts two handles that allow it to drape perfectly over cups and mugs, making for a seamless tea infusion every time. Grab the Robert Gordon white Ceylon collection while you’re at it, and you have everything you need for the perfect Easter afternoon tea!

Happy hunting! The Tea Centre’s 3-for-50 offer is available both in-store and online until Sunday, April 17.

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