Teaware 101: Emotional Support Bottle

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or just not on TikTok), you would know that ‘emotional support’ water bottles are in…

Which is why The Tea Centre is going all out with a 101 guide on what to look for when buying a drinking flask! While the idea that people can become emotionally attached to a water bottle might be a new concept on TikTok, our loose leaf experts know the feeling all too well. 

Just ask the millions of mugs in our kitchen cabinets! If our disgruntled mugs could talk, they would tell you that their owner’s penchant for the Robert Gordon crafted mug in olive has left them neglected for years. And don’t even get us started on the chokehold that the TTC Breakfast Teapot has on our table settings.

Jokes aside, The Tea Centre understands how something as seemingly simple as a tea ritual—or taking a water bottle everywhere you go—can do wonders for your happiness and health. Plus, who doesn’t love being hydrated?

Therefore, we’ve done the hard work for you and made a guide on everything you need to look for when purchasing an emotional support water bottle (that could double as a tea flask too)!

1. Versatile & customisable


If the plethora of stickers or scoobies hanging off the emotional support water bottles on Instagram are anything to go by, customisability is a big factor to keep in mind when purchasing the perfect flask.

Taking that idea one step further, we also think that you should never settle for a water bottle that does only that…hold water. Can it brew tea at the same time? Or keep coffee hot for hours? Is it easy to drink from?

If you’re going to put your heart and soul into an emotional support water bottle, it might as well boast all the best qualities and be as multifaceted as you!

With that in mind, The Tea Centre could not recommend enough the Tea Zinger Flask. She does it all!

Basically your kitchen in a cup, this flask doesn’t just hold water. It can also flavour water with its grater and zest components, brew tea with its in-built filter, or keep any beverage you put in it hot or cold for up to five hours! When looking for a flask to lean on, you can count on this nifty guy.

2. Sustainable

Well, if a multi-purpose flask doesn’t make sustainability one of its purposes, we don’t want it! Luckily, both the Zinger flask and our Landmark tea flasks were made with reusability in mind.

Moreover, these gorgeous bottles are made from high-quality stainless steel and come with a removable tea filter too. Such quality also means that this flask can keep beverages hot or cold for 24 hours!

Supporting the environment and you at the same time, the colours in our landmark range take inspiration from some of Australia’s most iconic natural landscapes.

Enjoy a slice of Cradle Mountain, Kakadu National Park, the Daintree, or Lake Hillier when purchasing your favourite flask today.


3. Functional & fun

Let’s be honestーalong with being sustainable and serviceable, we want our emotional support water bottle to be stylish too! If a fun-looking and functional flask is of the highest priority to you, look no further than our Eigenart range.

Specifically, Eigenart flow flasks like this one with a ‘Gingko’ design are extra beautiful because you can see the beverage lying inside. What’s more, the borosilicate glass is also insulative, keeping the beverage inside at the perfect temperature while remaining cool to touch.

The screw cap lid, carry handle, and removable filter also make this flask as functional as it is fun.

Don’t let your hunt for the perfect emotional support water bottle stop here. Be sure to explore our entire tea flask range today.

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