Top Picks For Father’s Day

When you’re young, all dads seem ten-foot high. Then there’s your Dad who, even when you grow up, stays that way.

Dad’s day is fast approaching and it’s time to treat Pops to a tea gift that’s as tall, bold, and full-bodied (sorry to point out the beer belly!) as them. 

Below you will find The Tea Centre’s selective assortment of tea-themed gifts, all of which are bound to make you their favourite child this Father’s Day. No matter if it’s your father, grandfather, godfather, or father figure you’re gifting, we have the perfect present to match! Find the perfect gift for your type of Dad below.

The ‘I don’t need directions’ Dad


You know the one (this might even be your Dad)! These are the dads who love long road trips and camping on the weekend, know every word to “I’ve Been Everywhere,” and are repeat offenders of reading Are We There Yet? during bedtime.

Being an adventurer at heart, your pioneering Dad will love tasting teas from all over the world with ‘The Explorer’ Wooden Tea Box. This tasty treasure trove of tea blends takes inspiration from the likes of Japan, Sweden, England, and India. 

Paired with the Atticus ‘Compass’ tea flask (a playful gift for those tea-loving dads who are adamant about not needing directions), Pops can fly through entire continents without leaving the comfort of their couch.

The Dad Connoisseur

Also worthy of praise are the fathers who are making Michelin star meals on the daily, managing household chores like a well-oiled machine, and reminding you to tuck your elbows in at the table, please. 

Knowing the difference between entrées and petit fours, these are the types of Dad who love the finer things in life! Treat them to delicious delights like our single origin broken orange pekoe Assam Dimakusi tea tin.

Furthermore, he will love brewing this sophisticated Indian tea in one of our gorgeous cast iron teapots. What better way to spoil him this Father’s Day than with a timeless teapot whose style never gets old! His dad jokes on the other hand…

The Grandpa Dad

For the Dad who regularly wakes up at the crack of dawn, reads the newspaper in the morning, remembers to water the plants, and tells you to eat your vegetables. We tease them for being so routine, but secretly appreciate how they’re always there to depend on!

Take this opportunity to show them how much you love them with a tea box boasting blends that are as classic as them! Namely, the ‘Classic’ wooden tea box, paired with our Atticus ‘Mountain tea flask. 

The bedrock of the family will adore the traditional blends like English Breakfast while also being encouraged to try fruitier flavours like Tea For Sunday and French Earl Grey!

The ‘when was the last time you changed your oil?’ Dad

A real-life Bob The Builder, this is the positive, no-fuss Dad who always knows how to fix up troubles and just make everything better! With a tool shed to rival Homes & Garden and a preference for life’s bare necessities, this type of Dad will love our super fun and functional FORLIFE teapot range

A gadget-come-teapot like our nifty bell glass teapot is sure to put a sparkle in Dad’s eye, especially when there’s a tasty infusion of Australian Breakfast brewing inside! A drip-less spout, stainless steel infuser, borosilicate glass, and the best bit? No user manual required! 

The one gift every Dad will love

The thing to buy when Dad says, “don’t buy me a thing.” As humble and stoic as him, ‘The Bold Brew’ gift box is not only beautiful and an awesome present in its own right, but also gives Dad the opportunity to win free tea for a year!

Featuring our delicious TC Broken Orange Pekoe tea, a three-piece mug, and dainty teaspoon, this gift box is (just like Dad) truly one of a kind! The winner of this Father’s Day gift box competition will be able to redeem 100g of TC Broken Orange Pekoe once a month for the next twelve months.


Purchase Dad ‘The Bold Brew’ gift box to put them in the running to win a year’s supply of FREE Tea Centre Broken Orange Pekoe tea! Find out more here

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