Flavoured Teas — an Ideal Introduction to Tea

Although it may be hard to believe, not everyone is completely sold on the taste of tea. Yet so often at The Tea Centre we have non-tea-drinking visitors pop into our stores to inhale the heavenly aromas that emanate from our tins and audibly wish they enjoyed drinking tea.

In most instances, the taste of tea has been marred by incorrect brewing methods, poor quality leaves, or simply choosing the wrong type of tea. Traditional black, green, and white teas can leave a lot to be desired by those of us who aren’t regular tea drinkers. However, most tea novices aren’t aware of all the exciting blended flavours that are available and are quick to dismiss trying any new teas.

Because we want everyone to enjoy tea and all it has to offer, we believe that fun and familiar flavour blends don’t go astray when stirring the interests of aspiring tea enthusiasts. From orange, to chocolate, strawberry to toffee, there’s a flavour that’s bound to appeal to even the biggest tea critic.

But while wackier flavour combinations have only come into popularity in the last few decades, flavoured teas in general stem back to the Ming Dynasty (1336-1644AD). Adding other ingredients to tea had been experimented with during the earlier Tang Dynasty, but it was the Ming Dynasty that brought about more innovative and aromatic concepts through the use of flowers, fruits, essential oils, and savoury roots.

At The Tea Centre we also utilise ingredients such as dried fruits, flowers, herbs, and spices to enhance the flavoursome aspects of our blends. Most importantly, and to answer what many people have enquired about — flavours do not detract from the existing health benefits of tea. So you can reap all the wholesome properties of tea while enjoying familiar and tasty flavours.

Not only, do flavoured blends make a lovely brew, but are also fantastic when iced. If you’re particularly creative, there are also flavoured teas that can be turned into some deliciously wild recipes for desserts and confectionary.

So for those of you who couldn’t imagine ever enjoying a cuppa, now you can have your tea and eat it too.