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Introducing ‘The Glow’: our brand-new herbal tea box made to light you up from the inside.

Spring is Mother Nature’s way of having a party and The Tea Centre is here to celebrate. And to mark the special occasion, we’ve added the ultimate party favour—’The Glow’ wooden tea box—to our impressive repertoire.

The perfect size for a picnic among the new shoots or as a humble gift for your friend that hasn’t seen sunlight since May, this wooden tea box of irresistible wellbeing herbals has an undeniably festive feel about it. 

There’s no better way to escape hibernation and burst into the hubbub of the new season than through partaking in this set’s six tisanes: Peppermint & Liquorice, Detox & Cleanse, Ginger Kiss, Lemon Myrtle, Chamomile, and Rooibos.  

The curation of these six tisanes was no accident; The Tea Centre’s tea-loving experts hand-picked these brews in homage to the concept of spring tonics. Then, we encased them inside a wooden tea box that takes inspiration from the tea caddies of lore.

Can’t wait to find out more? Read all about each tisane and our method behind making ‘The Glow’ wooden tea box below!

Spring tonics & tea caddies

The storied history of spring tonics is as long as the history of civilization itself! No matter where you live in the world, winter is synonymous with scarcity while spring spells abundance and new beginnings.

As a result, Indigenous cultures around the world who lacked adequate food resources in winter began to carve out traditions around imbibing in herbal teas for their restorative powers in spring. 

Remember, this was a time before refrigeration when food had to be stockpiled for winter. Therefore, traditionally partaking in spring floral and fruit infusions often provided ancient sippers with the nutrients they sorely needed after eating only beans and salted meat for a whole season.


For example, chamomile is a spring flower that was cherished by the Eygptians, Romans, and ancient Greeks for its medicinal properties, with the former even considering it a sacred gift from their Sun God. 

In the other hemisphere, Indigenous Australians were harvesting lemon myrtle, a native Australian herb from coastal Queensland. Even in a country that does not experience a harsh winter, the Indigenous Australians lauded this bush food for its delicious healing powers.

In another nod to history, The Tea Centre made the decision to package our herbal brews inside a wooden tea box that takes inspiration from the opulence of eighteenth-century tea caddies. You can read more about their history in our ‘The Storage and Status of Tea’ journal entry here.

Peppermint & Liquorice

How could we not include the ultimate digestive duo in our all-herbal tea box? Given its quirky taste reminiscent of Christmas candy canes, one could even argue that this tisane bottles summer just as much as spring!

The minty brilliance of the peppermint combines with the richness inherent to liquorice to make the drinker beam with health and radiance. Specifically, this tea helps lower stress levels, reduce bloating, and soothe a sore throat. Moreover, peppermint has antispasmodic properties while liquorice is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and also has anti-asthmatic effects.

Detox & Cleanse


Who knew a stinging nettle could be the balm for so many things! The Tea Centre’s Detox & Cleanse contains this powerhouse herb that’s high in iron and protein, along with juniper berries, calendula blossoms, fennel, lemongrass, rose petals, and liquorice.

This tea’s primary function is to help clear the mind and rid the body of free radicals and other unwanted impurities. The infusion of calendula in particular has been used for centuries in Europe to heal wounds. Therefore, Detox & Cleanse is a brew that cures you both inside and out.


Did you know that chamomile is such a revered herbal tea throughout Europe that Slovakians have a saying, “one must bow to chamomile should they ever come across it in the wild”?

This folk medicine-come-herbal tisane is not only a hydrating sip during dry weather but also boasts sedative properties. In turn, brewing and sipping on chamomile flowers is a great bedtime tea ritual. You can read more about the wonderful properties of chamomile here.

Ginger Kiss

A scrumptious blend of ginger and hibiscus sealed with a kiss of zesty lemongrass. An upgrade of the classic lemon and ginger tea, The Tea Centre crafted this signature herbal blend to support your daily rejuvenation. 

Ginger Kiss boasts extra citral content from the lemongrass and a higher concentration of ginger that’s prime for aiding digestion. It’s bright red colour upon infusion also makes this brew as beautiful as it is tasty!


A South African spring tonic? Yes, please! Indigenous Khoisan bushmen first began foraging for rooibos to make herbal remedies for dehydration and other ailments. Upon colonisation, the Dutch popularised the tisane worldwide as a cheaper, caffeine-free alternative to black tea.

Today, herbal tea drinkers love rooibos for its fluid retention properties and antioxidant-rich content. You can find rooibos in several different blends here


Lemon myrtle

Did you know that lemon myrtle is even more lemon-y than lemon? It may sound strange, but lemon myrtle actually boasts the highest citral content of any botanical known to man. This ‘queen of the lemon herbs’ not only brews up a delicious tea, but also is used in many tasty culinary recipes.

Due to its citral content, lemon myrtle is also anti-inflammatory and great at boosting one’s immune system.


Want to try each and every one of these herbal spring tonics in the one ultimate sampler? Then be sure to purchase and enjoy The Glow wooden tea box today!


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