Glogg: A Tea Worth Mulling Over

Outside, the temperature has dropped to a Nordic chill. Wrapped in an alpaca’s wool blanket you’re curled up on a rug in front of a crackling hearth, cradling a steaming mug in your hands. The tendrils of aroma tease your nostrils. You inhale the heady scent of mulled wine, and as you sip, you begin to feel the warmth spread through you. This is the magic of Glögg.

Roughly translated to mean “glow” this is a brew that has the ability to warm you from the inside, out. Inspired by the popular Scandinavian libation of the same name, The Tea Centre’s Glögg blend incorporates the standard combination of spices, nuts, and fruit that are generally used when mulling wine. Traditionally, these ingredients include cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, orange, and almonds all of which infuse hot fortified wine. However, other recipes have also called for cherries and raisins, as well as brown sugar, honey, or maple syrup, and in place of red wine, local distilled spirits such as aquavit or vodka, whisky, bourbon, and even white wine are used.

In the absence of the hard stuff, the addition of ginger can be enjoyed in our Glögg tea blend for that added warming element.

Glögg became a Christmas-time staple in Europe during the 1800s. As such, this is a gorgeous tea to have while the temperature is still keeping us inside, but is delicious, really, at any time of the year. Reminiscent of a rich fruit cake, Glögg has a piquant aroma that is reflected on the palate and altogether makes for a yummy and indulgent cup of tea.

Available in both black and green tea blends.  To purchase either of these great blends click here.

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