Lean, green, fusion teas

The Tea Centre is giving you the green light to try our most flavoursome yet underrated green tea fusions this autumn. 

March heralds in not just a new season but two new additions to The Tea Centre’s iconic tea wall: Earl Grey Green and Coconut Palm Green tea!

Earl Grey Green is the brand-new brew in our Earl Grey collection with earthy tasting notes that bring out the best in bergamot! Meanwhile, the marriage between coconut and green tea in Coconut Palm has our loose leaf experts thinking about all the other flavour combinations lying hidden in our green tea menu

If you’re ardent about teas of the verdant variety, you’ve probably heard tasting notes like ‘vegetal’, ‘astringent’, and ‘grassy’ bandied about when describing green tea before. 

But what about ‘spicy’? Or ‘creamy’, ‘tropical’, ‘nutty’…or even ‘saline’. While The Tea Centre loves popular green fusions like jasmine tea, matcha or Japanese Lime, there’s so much more of the green tea world that our sippers have yet to explore!  

In an ode to our underappreciated emerald brews, The Tea Centre has put together this list of the best green teas from every part of the flavour wheel.

Spicy: Green Chai


Given chai is closely associated with black tea (India is home to famous black teas like Darjeeling and Assam), customers are often surprised that The Tea Centre stocks a Green Chai blend.

That’s one of the best things about green tea though! No matter where it falls on the ‘vegetal’ to ‘astringent’ spectrum, green tea is mellow enough to lend itself nicely to almost any flavour. 

What’s more, if you accidentally over brew your green tea (guilty!), spices like the ones found in Green Chai can save the day. While you should always aim to brew correctly, this chai’s sweet cinnamon, punchy anise, tangy ginger, peppery cloves, and black peppercorn detract from bitterness and soothes the palate with its amalgamation of flavours.

Tropical: Pacific Sun green tea

Sunshine in a cup! Leaf lovers adore The Tea Centre’s bestselling Stockholm Blend, but what about its green tea counterpart? 

While Stockholm Blend has a continental profile, shifting the flavours onto a green tea base gives Pacific Sun green tea a decidedly more tropical taste! 

Specifically, green tea brightens the pulpy apricot, bruised orange, and sweet vanilla. Moreover, the calendula, rose, and safflower are the finished touches in this blissful cup of tea.

Bittersweet: Olive Leaf green tea


Didn’t think a green tea could boast a hint of saltiness? Think again! Olive Leaf green tea contains—you guessed it—olive leaf, which boasts an absolute motley crew of delicious flavour. 

While the main tasting note is herbaceous (think rosemary), olive leaf is also thought to be bittersweet, nutty, pungent, and just slightly salty! Green tea and refreshing spearmint then work together to balance these more intense flavours out. We also love the fragrant rose, chrysanthemum, and cornflower top notes.

Green tea and olive leaf is a perfect pairing when it comes to health benefits too! Green tea is high in antioxidants while olive leaf is anti-inflammatory and gastroprotective.

Zest: Earl Grey Green

We’re all familiar with Earl Grey on a black tea base but combining green tea with bergamot? That’s a whole other level of deliciousness! Specifically, a grassy green base makes the bergamot in Earl Grey Green truly shine as its own fully formed flavour.

There’s a reason why bergamot is not only found in teas but also fragrances—it’s a super aromatic citrus fruit! By pairing it to a subdued but equally aromatic sencha, you have harmony on two sensory fronts; taste and scent.

The earthiness of the loose leaf perfectly synchronises with the sour notes in bergamot, resulting in a zesty brew brimming with satiating green tea notes. Don’t believe us? Taste it for yourself when picking up Earl Grey Green online or in-store today! 

Menthol: Moroccan Mint


We’ll be the first to address the elephant in the room: tasting notes sound super odd sometimes! Menthol doesn’t have the best connotations when it comes to talking flavour. However, no other word accurately describes the cooling, analgesic effect, and sugary sweet but also subtly smoky undertones of Moroccan Mint tea.

While a kitchen staple in North Africa, the ubiquitous enjoyment of Moroccan Mint has yet to hit Australian shores. Thought to promote peacefulness and healing in the body, this brew is also steeped in history. You can also purchase this tea inside the ‘Postcards From Morocco’ wanderlust gift box here

Creamy: Coconut Palm green tea

We’re finishing off with where we began! Coconut Palm green tea may be new to The Tea Centre, but the enjoyment it gives sippers is eternal. We’d say that it’s similar to our popular Cream green tea but with a savoury-sweet twist. To explain further, its creaminess derives less from vanilla and more from the nuttiness and fat content in coconut!

This is the perfect sip for those looking to be transported to the tropics sans any citrus. If you are after a more zest-filled green tea, however, keep your eyes peeled (pun intended) for what comes next!

Without spoiling the surprise, we may have a new brew joining our Earl Grey family soon…

When it comes to lean, green, fusion teas, The Tea Centre’s green tea collection can’t be beat. Explore the taste of Coconut Palm green tea and its friends in-store or online today!

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