Growing Green Tea in Victoria

By David Lyons

Recently I was pleased to visit a friend of mine, George – one of our own green tea growers down in Victoria. I wanted to share my visit with you and allow you to stand with me in the lush vegetation of Australia’s finest green tea producing camelias.

My visit couldn’t have been timed any better; the week before plucking for this year’s first flush of leaves. The rows of neat, barrel shaped bushes presented row-by-row, and cloaked in a soft green velvet covering. The vivid green of the new shoots at the top of each bush looked stunning under the shining sun and brilliant pure blue Australian spring sky. How could I have asked for more?

These plump young leaves would soon be off to the tea factory to be converted into this year’s first green teas from Victoria. The factory is staffed by an all-Australian team of tea experts, producing green teas for Australia and Japan. If everything goes well these tender leaves could soon also be producing green tea for export to Europe. This is a testament to the quality of the Japanese style green teas that Australian tea makers produce, and would be a great coup for them. Supplying Europe is no easy task and highlights the level these Victorian green tea makers have achieved.


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