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The eight herbs in Hangover Tea have a purging and detoxing effect, to eliminate heat and toxins from the digestive system. Essentially when you over eat or over drink alcohol or eat toxic food like sugar and greasy foods heat will accumulate in the digestive tract. The herbs in Hangover Tea promote speedy elimination through the bowels. This tea is not designed to give you loose stools, but it will get you moving!  Hangover Tea makes a great detox tea.

Please note: Herbs can react differently to each individual and it is always best to check with your health practitioner if you are unsure or have any concerns.

Brewing tips - icons

Brewing Instructions:

  • 1 teaspoon per 200mls
  • water at 100 degrees celcius (boiling water)
  • brew for 5 minutes

Goes Well With:

Perfect on its own or you could add a little honey.


Shen Qu - Medicated Leaven Massa Medicata Fermentata) - dry herb root, Lian Qiao - Forsythia Fruit (Fructus Forsythiae) dry herb root, Fu Ling - Poria (Sclerotum Poriae Cocos) - dry herb root, Lai Fu Zi - Radish Seed (Semen Raphani) - dry herb root, Chen Pi - Tangerine Peel (Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae) - dry herb root, Shan Zha - Crataegus Fruit (Fructus Crataegi) - dry herb root, Jiang Ban Xia - Ginger processed Pinellia (Rhizoma Pinelliae Ternatae) - dry herb root.


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Brand Tong Kuai Chinese Herbs