Health is wealth

What does being in good ‘health’ mean to you? For The Tea Centre, health is not merely the absence of illness or injury. Rather, it’s all the auxiliary habits (and brews!) you can accrue to ensure your mind and body are working at their best. 

Wealth is an accurate metaphor for wellness, no? It seems like one obtains and retains wealth through investing in their businesses. Swap businesses for your body, and you have The Tea Centre’s mentality when it comes to investing in quality herbal tisanes for wellbeing! 

While you won’t catch our loose leaf experts pulling on leg warmers and firing up their treadmills on the regular (sorry, Jane Fonda), they sure can flex when it comes to recommending teas for health. When it’s a sniffly nose or an upset tummy, we have the top tea picks for you.

Tea for cold ‘n’ flu | Breathe Easy

Your inflamed sinuses have met their match in Breathe Easy tea. Taking inspiration from Ayurvedic teachings, this herbal tisane brings together turmeric, liquorice, black peppercorns, and woolflower. All of which are great for reducing sinus inflammation. 

With the addition of mallow root (soothing dry cough), cinnamon (fighting viral infections), thyme (antiseptic), and cardamom (breath refresher), Breathe Easy makes it so your cold has nowhere to hide. 

Tea for restfulness | Sweet Dreams


Appease an overactive mind and put tense muscles to bed with this beautiful brew. Sweet Dreams promotes sleep thanks to the sedative components found within chamomile, lime-tree blossom, and rose petals. 

Moreover, this brew is targeting restlessness through both ingestion and aromatherapy! In particular, rose petals and lavender are touted by aromatherapists to be natural sleep aids. The is also latter thought to be especially good at combating insomnia. 

Rounding out Sweet Dreams is a healthy infusion of passionflower. Studies indicate that this purple petal can aid with melatonin production, making the drinker drowsy more quickly.

Tea for indigestion | Tranquil Tummy

We have a gut feeling that sippers who experience bloating and indigestion will love this one! This tonic for tummy problems brings together a dream team of herbal ingredients: peppermint, liquorice, and zingy ginger. These fundamentals form a powerful brew that can help alleviate a host of issues, including nausea, wind pain, and bloating.

Enhancing this tummy trifecta is meadowsweet. This traditional European herb is commonly used for soothing heartburn and sore joints. This brew also contains calming chamomile, and lemon balm to help improve appetite.

Moreover, Tranquil Tummy is a boon not just for your belly, but for the taste buds too! It’s said to be deliciously sweet and warming to drink.  

Tea for energy | Yerba Maté Green Lemon

Ditch the sugar in energy drinks and opt for the natural stimulants in The Tea Centre’s delicious Yerba Maté Green Lemon tea. This exuberant brew is bursting with caffeine (one of the few herbal tisanes in the world to contain caffeine) and a refreshing zingy taste. 

Beloved and commonly drunk in South America due to the ‘clean buzz’ it provides the drinker, this coffee substitute provides energy like no other. Moreover, those who prefer a less citrusy brew may prefer our Yerba Maté sans lemon peel and lemongrass.

Tea for anxiety | Anti Stress

Isn’t it amazing how worries seem to melt away when we take the time to brew a cup of tea? Whether you’re brewing Anti Stress or another blend, just the act itself can help one feel more relaxed and better about the day. 


What makes this particular blend so good at relieving stress, you ask? Based on Ayurveda principles, Anti Stress contains warming spices that encourage relaxation, and liquorice, which is thought to pacify overactive adrenal glands. What’s more, cinnamon in particular helps ease stomach tension and indigestion, which is another common side effect of stress

Tea for holistic wellbeing | Healthy Tea

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes…no matter what part of your body is seeking relief, The Tea Centre’s Healthy Tea is here to help. Taking care of the mind in this holistic blend is Withania (thought to be a natural adaptogen) and rose (mood-enhancing fragrance). 

As for the body, almost every function is catered to thanks to this organic tisane! We have nettle for regulating the kidneys, ginger and St. Mary’s thistle for the liver, rooibos for the skin, vitamin-rich lemon peel to assist with immunity, and ginkgo plus rosemary for respiratory protection.

Our gentle approach to helping you with your health doesn’t stop there. Herbal tisanes aside, The Tea Centre’s global black teas, green teas, pu-erh, and oolong collections are also worth your while.

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