Mix and mingle with our herbal blends

Smoothies. Neapolitan ice cream. PB & J. What do all of these amazing foods have in common?

These blended beauties prove Aristotle’s philosophy that sometimes, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”—which is why we think Aristotle would have been a big fan of The Tea Centre’s herbal tea blends!

We have heard your feedback about wanting more individual herbal teas and The Tea Centre does stock a few timeless tisanes. We have simple herbals like peppermint, chamomile, hibiscus, rose petals, lemon myrtle, and rooibos

However, our thought process behind which herbs are blended and which ones aren’t is more in-depth than one may think! We’re here to help you make the best tisane purchase for your wellbeing. Therefore, we’ve broken down exactly why herbal blends are just as good—if not better—than single-ingredient tisanes.

Herbal blends = better together


Enjoying more balanced benefits for your buck? Yes, please! 

What herbalists and Aristotle have in common is the concept that the body and health should be viewed holistically. And while we love the concept of herbs being “superfoods”, a singular root, floral, or spice is simply not able to soothe the mind, body, and spirit at the same time!

This is the magic of herbal blends. It’s also the whole basis of alternative medicine systems like Ayurveda! When it comes to enjoying tea for its health benefits, it’s more efficient to sip an herbal blend. 

To give you an example, while organic peppermint tea is fantastic at soothing tummy and sinus ailments, it only treats two regions of your body. 

Alternatively, our Ayurveda power mix blend nourishes those same regions thanks to an infusion of cardamom and liquorice root. These are digestive aids that contain antibacterial properties. Moreover, it also promotes good heart health (fennel), gut health (cinnamon), muscle recovery (ginger), feeds your body antioxidants (juniper berries and cloves), vitamins (orange peel), and staves off bad bacteria (green peppercorns). All in one cup of tea!

Herbal blends make life easier


While we encourage tea drinkers to mix teas at home (adding chocolate bits to peppermint tea? Genius!), not all blends are created equal. In turn, the best way to ensure you always receive the highest-quality blends is by purchasing from The Tea Centre.

Blending tea is an art form that The Tea Centre works closely with certified herbalists and tea masters to perfect. Behind each of our blends is hundreds of hours spent finding the ideal herbal synergies to achieve wellbeing goals (i.e., blends for boosting immunity or energising the body), finessing the recipe, quality testing for food safety, and repeating the process continuously while ensuring consistency with each and every batch. 

That’s why exact recipes for unique bestseller blends like Sweet Dreams and Detox & Cleanse are closely-held trade secrets! We put in the work so that you can sip in convenience and without the stress of having to blend your own brews. 

The hard truth: some herbs just don’t taste that good!


Someone had to say it! While we love herbs like butterfly pea flower, turmeric, echinacea, and calendula blossoms for their health benefits, The Tea Centre also believes that drinking tea should ultimately be an epicurean experience. When you sip our tea, we want you to not only feel your best, but to taste the best flavours possible. 

When diluted during the brewing process, such herbs don’t contain enough individual flavour to make for an enjoyable tea. That’s why an important component of tea blending is finding ingredients that truly compliment each other. A good example of this is jasmine tea

Like many other floral and fruit pieces, jasmine blossoms look beautiful in a blend. The same goes for common tea florals like calendula and cornflowers. They are also particularly fragrant. However, fragrance does not translate to taste. That is why jasmine blossoms are always combined with green tea. A well-blended jasmine tea (where the blossoms have infused their scent onto the green loose leaves) will please both the taste buds and the olfactory senses!


Are you ready to take the next step in your tea journey? You can explore The Tea Centre’s full range of herbal tisanes and wellbeing blends here.

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