Home comforts: healing with tea

For reasons that needn’t be described, a summer that we hoped to spend abroad is instead being spent in our humble abodes. But where there’s tea, there’s hope. 

Arthur Wing Pinero wrote this line into a fictional play, and in doing so, made it ring true. Whereas the whole world used to be our playground, the pandemic has relegated us to just the slippery slope. If you’re feeling the isolation that comes with being stuck indoors, you’re not alone. 

However, we find that a day filled with tea, bread, and wise words to spread always helps. With this in mind, The Tea Centre hopes to equip you with the loose leaf that can have your house feeling a little more like home this summer. Home comforts can be healing, and tea is just one starting point to get you back into the swing of things.

Start your day with English Breakfast

“The adventure begins with tea.”
– Anonymous

When everything feels a little off-kilter, sipping on a tea as traditional as English Breakfast is a nice return to normality. As well as reintroducing routine, The Tea Centre’s English Brekkie can also transport you to Sri Lanka where we grow our Ceylon blends.


What’s more, we ethically harvest this particular Ceylon blend from the Kelani Valley Estate, which has a community-based and socially responsible approach to harvesting tea. Their program ‘A Home for Every Plantation Worker’ has increased the quality of life for workers through building homes, providing child development centres, and medical facilities.

All of which to say, this tea can have you exploring the world and feeling good in more ways than one.

Take a bath with Rose Petals

“We are like tea, we don’t know our own strength until we’re in hot water.”
— Sister Busche

You’re preaching to the choir, Sister Busche. If you’re feeling frail, pep yourself up with petals in a relaxing hot bath. In particular, The Tea Centre’s rose petals are the perfect addition to your pamper routine for a number of reasons. 

You’ll often find rosewater in skincare products due to its fantastic moisturising properties, and the same rule applies to a rose petal bath. What’s more, these powerful petals are also anti-inflammatory and can soothe most skin irritations. 

Physical benefits aside, aromatherapists say that the scent of rose petals is one of the most relaxing smells on earth. Soaking in the good vibes and breathing in serenity? Yes, please.

Steep slowly with Tea For Sunday

“Doing nothing is respectable at tea.” 
— Sasaki Sanmi

Since when did vanilla come to mean boring? Every flavour has its time and place, and for The Tea Centre, nothing brews up comfort and cheer quite like our vanilla-infused Tea For Sunday

While she may not be as much of a firecracker as, say, Olive Leaf Green or Rooibos Chocolate Bomb, we still cherish Tea For Sunday for her simplicity. The lack of bells and whistles but indulgence in flavour reminds one of how beautiful it can be to simply sit back and practice the art of doing nothing for a while.

With this cuppa in hand, rebelling against hustle culture and the grind mentality is easy. Moreover, taking it easy is just what the current times call for.

Have dessert first with Turkish Delight

A simple cup of tea is far from a simple matter.”
— Mary Lou Heiss

Reverse stress with desserts; if it’s a semordnilap, it must be true! The same goes for your beverages, which is why The Tea Centre highly recommends preceding dinner with a sweet cup of Turkish Delight tea.

All quips aside, a cup of this dainty dessert tea can quiet a busy brain and help one find solace in its simple blend of rose petals, vanilla, and black tea. A hug in a mug, Turkish Delight is the perfect way to round off the evening and lay the foundation for an even better tomorrow.

Slip into sleep with Chamomile

“But indeed, I would rather have nothing but tea.”
— Jane Austen

Greet twilight and invite rest with this golden brew. Doing everything from aiding digestion to ensuring a good night’s sleep, relaxation starts with a quality chamomile sip. 

While we’ve sung the praises of this herbal tisane many times before, one simply can’t give justice to how good chamomile is for the mind, body, and soul. Drunk as a remedy for over 100 different ailments since the time of the ancient Egyptians, what can’t chamomile do?

Whether you’re looking to shoo away bad dreams or invite more peace into your home, these comforting teas are just what every Leaf Lover needs. 

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