House of Stockholm | A blended family of tea

A custom blend that’s so good, it generated a whole family of fusion teas! Introducing the House of Stockholm, our bestselling brews for the past thirty years.

It’s common knowledge that we stock an extensive range of chai blends and Earl Greys. However, did you know that Stockholm Blend was the inspiration for a whole family of teas?

While every family member has their own loveable quirks, what unites them all is a shared appreciation for apricot, sweetness, and bright fragrances! Explore the House of Stockholm Blend in our Tea Journal entry below.

Stockholm Down Under | Summer Sunrise

While Stockholm Blend has serendipitous Swedish origins, The Tea Centre is a 100% Australian-owned and operated company! Therefore, it was only fitting that we would reimagine our bestselling brew to suit Australian taste buds. 

The delicious end result is Summer Sunrise, whose unique identifier is an extra burst of mango flavour in every sip. Given we’re the only country that has a landmark called ‘The Big Mango’, it’s no surprise that lush fruit is the mainstay flavour in this Aussie-inspired blend. 


Pairing wonderfully with the smooth apricot notes and yellow calendula, this happy brew will brighten any afternoon cuppa or morning tea.

Stockholm On Vacation | Hawaiian Sunset

Hawaiian Sunset black tea

Similar to Summer Sunrise, albeit in a different hemisphere and timezone! Hawaiian Sunset is the perfect sundowner sip that can make even the most ordinary of days feel special.

This is largely thanks to its colourful infusion of cornflowers, calendula, and rose petals that imbue the blend with a truly irresistible floral aroma. This bouquet buoys the apricot flavour, bringing out the tartness of the fruit.

We’ve even had some sippers describe Hawaiian Sunset as having a pineapple-like flavour. If you want to try it for yourself, you can find the blend here.

Greenlit Stockholm | Pacific Sun Green

It’s all the flavours that you know and love on a green tea base! Pacific Sun Green tea boasts an ocean of flavour in one cup of tea. Think delicious vanilla pieces, bitey citrus from orange peel, and extra sunshine thanks to an infusion of safflower.

Due to its tea base, Pacific Sun is thought to wield slightly headier flavours and a more astringent aftertaste. Namely, all the things that regular green tea fusion lovers adore!


Stockholm’s Young Bud | Pai Mu Tan Stockholm


Following in Pacific Sun Green’s footsteps is Pai Mu Tan Stockholm, which sports Stockholm flavour on a bed of white tea! Specifically, pai mu tan famously comprises the youngest bud and the first two leaves of the plant.

One of the newer members of the Stockholm clan, the pristine base truly allows the flavour to speak for itself. Moreover, white tea is the least caffeinated of all true teas.

Therefore, Pai Mu Tan Stockholm is the perfect choice for sippers who love the sweet apricot flavours but are looking to curb their caffeine intake.

Healthy Stockholm | Pacific Sun Rooibos

If you’re less ‘caffeine sensitive’ and wholly in need of tea that’s caffeine-free, Pacific Sun Rooibos is the one for you! Moreover, thanks to its rooibos base, our Stockholm family’s herbal tisane is made with both flavour and wellbeing in mind.

In terms of what tastes most like Stockholm Blend, Pacific Sun Rooibos takes the cake given rooibos is a common non-caffeinated substitute for black tea. Equal parts malty and refreshing, rooibos also boasts its fair share of antioxidants. It also carries well Stockholm’s quintessential apricot flavour.


Ready to stock your kitchen cabinets with The Tea Centre’s delicious range of Stockholm Blend teas? You can easily navigate through all our tasty blends here.

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