Eight Ways To Enjoy Iced Tea

In tea-minus three minutes, The Tea Centre’s fruit tisane-loving experts will break down eight flavourful and different ways to enjoy iced tea in the summertime!

Triple J may have the hottest countdown this summer, but at The Tea Centre, we’re all about keeping it cool with our countdown of the eight best ways to enjoy our iced teas and fruit tisanes this season. 

Moreover, while we have several delicious iced tea recipes to help stave away the heatwaves—such as our ‘Healthy Sparkling Iced Tea’ or ‘Australian Sencha and Lemon Myrtle Infusion’—there are more ways than one to enjoy iced tea.

1 | Icy poles

Block out time for ice blocks, tea lovers! We’re giving everyone’s favourite snack on a hot day a tea twist with help from our delicious Morning Flower brew. Given this boisterous green tea blend already tastes great iced, why not turn it into an ice block too?

For those who have an icy pole mould handy, brew up an iced batch of Morning Flower in an iced tea jug, and pour passionfruit pulp into the mould first followed by the tea. Then, leave in the freezer to make delicious iced tea icy poles! You can find the full recipe here.

2 | Mocktails

If you like Piña Coladas, but low alcohol tolerance is raining on your parade, why not give mocktails a try? In fact, our Piña Colada fruit tisane is the perfect non-alcoholic stand-in for the rum and pineapple favourite!


As well as boasting the requisite coconut and pineapple, this tasty fruit blend also adds hibiscus, apple, mango, and rosehip to the mix. Brew up a 50ml iced batch of this tea, combine it with 25ml coconut cream, 75ml pineapple juice, ice, and shake it all up in a shaker to produce one perfect summer mocktail.

3 | Cocktails

Coconut and rum? So yum! For those who do want a tea-infused cocktail sip this Christmas, The Tea Centre has you sorted.

Taking inspiration from Love To Know Recipes, we suggest using Rum Ball tea to make the most delicious CCC (coconut, coffee, and chocolate) shooter! How tasty does this look?

To make one cocktail, you will need 10 ml of each ingredient: iced rum ball tea, Kahlúa, Rumchata, and your favourite coconut rum.

In that order, pour each ingredient into your


shooter glass, using a bar spoon to achieve the desired layers. And voila! The perfect icy cocktail awaits.

The best bit? We’ve sweetened Christmas and reduced the price of Rum Ball tea by 20%! Pick it up for yourself here.

4 | Fruit Sangria

Sure, Christmas is time to get into the spirit(s) of things, but what about wine? Specifically, combining the muscatel and fruity flavours in Peach Sangria with a delicious red makes the perfect Christmas punch!

This one is very easy to make: pick up your favourite Pinot Noir and pour it all into your favourite punch bowl with 500ml of iced Peach Sangria and your favourite summer stonefruits for garnish. You can also add in a tablespoon of maple syrup and lemon juice for a sugary-citrus twist!

5 | Bubble tea


Here’s another bubbly suggestion from The Tea Centre! This year saw the popularity of DIY bubble tea rise exponentially, and luckily, our tea company has more than enough supply to meet the demand! 

Whether you’re making a sweeter Butterscotch Caramel milk tea and refreshing iced Pacific Sun green bubble tea, our bubble tea recipe here has you covered.

6 | Iced tea jelly

Speaking of bubble tea, what about the pearls? While tapioca pearls are the traditional addition to this popular brew, we think Strawberry Spritz jelly would also go down an absolute treat! 

Turning iced tea into jelly is easy. Experiment with adding sugar and gelatine powder to iced tea in square moulds and refrigerate overnight. Then cut the jelly into smaller rectangles for your bubble tea! You can also enjoy iced tea jelly on its own or in delicious desserts like trifles.

7 | Kombucha

If you’re looking to fill up your summer days—and your tummy!—with quality stuff, now is the perfect time to get into making kombucha. While kombucha’s first fermentation requires teas that aren’t traditionally iced like oolong or sencha, you can have a lot of fun with fruit tisanes during the second fermentation!

Traditionally iced fruit teas like hibiscus and Peach Sangria work especially well; you can read all about why here

8 | Poached pears

Yes, we totally poached this idea from Salma at the Polka Dotter, who has the most amazing Hibiscus Poached Pear Pavlova recipe that’s perfect for Christmastime in Australia.


Any of our fruit tisanes with a hibiscus base like Blue Lagoon and Red Fruits works well with the recipe. Furthermore, while poached pears can be served hot or cold, we think you should served them just as you would iced tea—chilled to perfection!

Ready to stock up your shelves with The Tea Centre’s best and brightest iced teas? Explore our entire fruit tisane collection here.

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