Immuni-teas: the best teas for immunity

Before the advent of pharmaceuticals, folk medicine often came in the form of tea. In homage to those first forays into sipping teas for immunity, find The Tea Centre’s list of favourite immuni-teas below!

Cold ‘n’ flu season is officially upon us and there are only so many tablets and lozenges you can take. Therefore, it’s no wonder that many seek natural herbal tisanes to boost their defence against illness during this time. 

Immunity boosting teas provide an enjoyable preventative measure, containing helpful herbs that serve to support your immune system. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to list the powerful properties of these herbs and the teas that contain them.

Lemon Myrtle


When it comes to the best teas for immunity, we’re starting off in our own backyard! Lemon Myrtle is a powerful and flavourful Australian leaf that we love for its cleansing abilities. Healing prowess aside, we also adore Lemon Myrtle for its uplifting citrus aroma. First cultivated by Indigenous Australians, this herb is said to help strengthen your immune system due to its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.



We carry a pure organic Australian Lemon Myrtle that comes from Far North Queensland. This strong, lemony leaf is super versatile. You can try it hot or iced when mixed with other teas. For example, we recommend nabbing ‘The Land Down Under’ velvet tea box and recreating our Lemon Myrtle and Australian Alpine Sencha iced tea recipe here.



Echinacea has long been a popular herbal remedy for promoting good health. This native American herb has fantastic antimicrobial properties, increasing the body’s defence mechanisms against illness. 

Specifically, studies suggest a correlation between consuming echinacea and an increased white blood cell count. In turn, white blood cells are the body’s soldiers, helping to protect it from viruses and harmful bacteria. This is why echinacea is such an immunity-boosting tea!


As The Tea Centre discusses at length in this journey entry, some herbal tisanes taste better together! That’s why all our Echinacea teas are blends that aim to better your overall wellbeing as opposed to just your immune system. For example, Echinacea is a star ingredient in our naturopathic Resilience Organic Tea.

Moreover, Echinacea Blend Organic also features the herb, along with warming ginger pieces that aid with digestion as well as the sniffle. Last but far from least, you can also find echinacea in our holistic Healthy Tea and skin-focused Glow Tea too.



Hibiscus is rich in both flavour and health benefits. Full of antioxidants, hibiscus is known for its high vitamin C content, making it a great tea to drink during the cold season. Better still, many consider a strong cup of hibiscus a soothing remedy for sore throats. This is because the tangy outer leaves of the hibiscus flower (the calyx) has analgesic properties that relieves inflammation in the throat.



You can enjoy hibiscus in its pure form here. Upon infusion, this scarlet tea produces a punchy, tart taste. However, you can also enjoy hibiscus in our Ginger Kiss Organic along with zesty lemongrass and ginger. Otherwise, explore all of The Tea Centre’s hibiscus blends here.

Olive Leaf


For centuries, civilisations around the Mediterranean would cultivate and consume olive leaf as a means to prevent illness. In fact, olive trees are one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world! Fast-forward to today, and modern medicine research seems to support the instincts of these ancient civilisations.

Specifically, it is thought that olive oils helps to decrease one’s susceptibility to infection from bacteria and viruses due to the leaf’s oleuropein polyphenol and antioxidant content. These findings have made olive leaf one of the most regarded supplements for immunity support. 


You can enjoy the immunity-boosting properties in our evergreen Olive Leaf Green tea blend! This loose leaf boasts a beautiful balance of all your favourite greens: olive leaf, soft spearmint and green tea. A touch of florals (rose, cornflower, and chrysanthemum) give the final blend a wonderful fragrance that perfectly offsets its slightly astringent taste.

Once you finish exploring our immunity-boosting range, be sure to check out equally powerful herbal tisanes like chamomile tea.

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