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Indulgent Easter Blends

The countdown is on until Easter!

Many of us are already looking with longing at all those delicious chocolate treats. Hot Cross Buns seem to be in every bakery at this time of year, tempting us to take a bite (maybe even with jam and whipped cream). 

To celebrate, we’ve lovingly compiled a small collection of blends that we have called “The Dessert Bar”, a celebration of the sweet and indulgent – and what better time of year than Easter to sit down for a delicious cuppa? We hope you will love them as much as we do!


Easter Blend Tea

First in our collection this year is the appropriately named Easter Blend; a creamy and chocolatey black tea. We’ve sprinkled it with cornflowers, sunflowers petals, and safflower to give a juicy, floral note and a kaleidoscope of colour. Don’t let the name fool you, this blend is not just for Easter, but is marvellous at any time of year.

Strawberries & Cream Tea

Speaking of juicy flavours, why not try our Strawberries & Cream tea? Our second sweet blend takes smooth caramel and vanilla flavours, and pairs them with vibrant strawberry to delight the palate. We’ve used both dried strawberry pieces and strawberry leaf to give a real lusciousness to this tea.

Chocolate Brownie Tea

Our third offering has been selected for all the chocoholics out there. We proudly present our Chocolate Brownie blend, a rich black tea blend that contains both chocolate drops and cocoa nibs for a full flavoured experience. Incidentally, it also pairs well with our Liquorice Lover & Blood Orange teas, for anyone interested in a little home blending experiment (and all those fans of Liquorice Allsorts and Jaffas out there!) This is an excellent option if you have a craving for chocolate but want to avoid having too much sugar.

Butterscotch Caramel Tea

As we reach the halfway point in our selection, we would like to showcase our Butterscotch Caramel tea. We’ve popped delicate cubes of caramel into this blend, as well as a scattering of Hazelnut brittle just to add that certain something extra to round out the flavour. For sippers who enjoy milk in their tea, we recommend to try this brew black first as it can be very creamy on its own.

Tiramisu Tea

Fifth on our little list of sweet delights is our Tiramisu Tea blend. With flavour notes of chocolate, coconut, and coffee, Tiramisu makes a decadent treat for the grown-ups this Easter. Instead of adding milk, it can make a nice treat to add some cream instead. Another lovely addition (for the grown ups) is just a touch of Tia Maria coffee liqueur.

Blueberry Pie Tea

Our sixth offering is our delightful Blueberry Pie blend. Look out for flavours of mango and blackberry to compliment the blueberry. We’ve also added some cornflowers for both visual appeal and a wonderful floral-fruitiness that elevates the complex notes of the dried fruits.  For those who typically add a little sugar to their tea, we recommend giving this one a go without any added sweetness first, as this tea is naturally quite sweet.

After Dark Tea

Our penultimate blend comes in the form of After Dark. For this variety, we’ve combined black tea with cocoa and mint notes to replicate the delicate mint and chocolate wafers often given at the end of a dinner party. The flavours are rich, yet not overpowering, to give you that wonderful refreshing feeling while you enjoy a small indulgence.

Hot Cross Bun Tea

Finally, we’ve rounded out our Dessert collection with a seasonal favourite in Hot Cross Buns. Would it be easter without it? We didn’t think so. Enjoy the sublime combination of berries and cinnamon that weave together to bring that fantastic feeling of Easter.


Join us at the Dessert Table

With eight delicious treats to choose from, it can be hard to choose one to try, but don’t worry – until the 1st of April, we’ve put together a special offer for Easter where our patrons can pick up three of our Dessert tea tins for the price of two. You can explore our Full range of Dessert Teas here!

We hope you have a wonderful Easter and get to enjoy a couple of small indulgences during this festive season!

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