Introducing Bohemian Blue—The Tea Centre’s unique butterfly pea tea

Since the dawn of social media, the likes of matcha, kombucha, and the perennial chai have all spent their time in the spotlight. However, you can expect these trendy teas to take a backseat this April as our new bright blue blend, steeped in history, comes into the foray…

Now available in all our stores, Bohemian Blue is The Tea Centre’s own unique take on the popular butterfly pea tea!

A true standout

Like any true bohemian, our vibrant blue tea flouts conventionality and embraces the too-often-out-of-reach pursuit of ritualised self-care. She’s there for you in the morning when you need a gentle pick-me-up, during the day when you’re at your most creative, and come noon when you’re in need of a tasty sundowner sip. 

Unlike other butterfly pea teas currently on the market, Bohemian Blue does not sacrifice taste for a pretty blue brew. This is because The Tea Centre believes you can have the best of both worlds in every cup! Other butterfly pea tisanes are not blended and are instead marketed as herbal sleepy teas—alternatively, you can be rest assured that ours is no snoozefest. 

The perfect blend

As butterfly pea flower is quite an earthy herbal that has no distinctive taste on its own, we’ve added extra zing to Bohemian Blue by incorporating real crushed ginger and zesty lemongrass into the mix. 

Lauded as the ‘king of the stomach’, ginger is a natural mood enhancer and tummy soother that—when combined with the antioxidants in butterfly pea flower (clitoria ternatea)—allows the drinker to completely de-stress and perform at their best throughout the day. Add in a kiss of lemongrass and you complete the tummy trifecta. A tea that aids digestion, boosts metabolism, and promotes good gut health.  

And the self-care doesn’t stop there. As a caffeine-free herbal tisane comprised of roots and florals, Bohemian Blue also comes packed full of polyphenols that stimulate everything from stunning hair growth to glowing skin and a healthy cardiovascular system.

Like a true artiste, our bohemian blend is all about mindfulness and walking to the beat of your own drum. Be sure to take time out of your busy day for a moment of relaxation, Bohemian Blue in hand.

Let’s get experimental


The conventional answer to how to brew Bohemian Blue is to steep the loose leaves in 95°C water for 4–7 minutes. Perfect on its own or with a dash of honey. However, we believe that with a tea as vividly blue as this one, all rules go out the door!

One of the best things about Bohemian Blue is that she can change colour from bright blue to purple or deep magenta in a matter of seconds thanks to the butterfly pea flower’s rare pH properties. Just a few drops of citral acid (think a squeeze of lemon or grapefruit slice) will transform Bohemian Blue into a gorgeous heliotrope colour that tastes extra zesty!

Alternatively, plop in a few hibiscus petals and stir to witness our bohemian blend take on a more reddish hue that adds a tart tasting note reminiscent of cranberries. As well as a healing brew, Bohemian Blue can double as a peppy party trick when poured as a liquor into citrus-based margaritas or infused with tequila.

Steeped in history

While butterfly pea flowers grow all around the world, the plant is most often associated with Thai culture and has been used to make tea in South East Asia for centuries. The popularity of butterfly pea also extended to the Indian subcontinent, where ancient Ayurveda texts praised the flower’s medicinal properties.

Today, butterfly pea is not just used in beverages such as nam dok anchan but also food such as the popular Malay dish called nasi keruba. To enjoy this herbal powerhouse closer to home, simply head in-store or online to pick up a tin of The Tea Centre’s Bohemian Blue today! 

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