Jasmine Special – no ordinary cup of tea

What better way to revel in the season of blooming jasmines than with a beautiful cup of our Jasmine Special.

As the name suggests, Jasmine Special it certainly is. Moonlit summer nights and balmy autumn evenings are captured in every sip of this fragrant tea as the thought of a delicious breeze carrying the sweet perfume of fresh blooming jasmine is evoked.

Jasmine tea is simply produced by impregnating tea leaves with the scent of freshly cut jasmine flowers. How long the leaves and the flowers sit together obviously determines the desired strength of the jasmine flavours in the tea. Compared to some of The Tea Centre’s other jasmine teas, Jasmine Special offers a more robust Chinese green tea base with a softer jasmine fragrance. The astringency and earthiness of the green tea helps in subduing the intensity of jasmine, which is ideal for those green tea fans after a subtle variation of jasmine tea.

As Lunar New Year celebrations kick off, Jasmine Special will also be the perfect tea to accompany a full season of savouring yum cha/dim sum. Fragrant and light, jasmine teas are excellent for cutting through oily flavours and refreshing the palate after each tasty dish.

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