Lunar New Year Gifts

Oolongs and tigers and pu-erh, oh my! When it comes Lunar New Year gifts, look no further than The Tea Centre’s delicious array of Chinese teas. They’re sure to spark some taste buds!

February 1 marks the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, making it the perfect time to pounce on our beautiful collection of traditional Chinese teas! All jokes aside, tea truly is the perfect present to gift loved ones this year.

Not only does both Lunar New Year and tea originate in China, but tea also symbolises togetherness, which is one of the best parts of celebrating this venerable holiday. 

What’s more, did you know that black tea is known as ‘red tea’ in Chinese? Given how auspicious the colour red is in China, gifting tea this February can be an act of joy and good fortune in more ways than one!

Gift idea 1: King Pu-erh tea

What better way to celebrate new beginnings than with a loose leaf stemming from where tea first began? China’s Yunnan province is the birthplace of both tea, and in particular, King Pu-erh loose leaf

This beautiful pu-erh comprises high-grade tea leaves that have undergone the ripe (shou) pu-erh fermentation process. Unlike raw (sheng) pu-erh, the quicker shou fermentation brings out a mellower flavour. Therefore, King Pu-erh is the perfect introduction point for first-time pu-erh sippers.

The chestnut-colour leaves brew up a wonderfully aromatic tea that’s deep red in colour. A beautiful nod to tradition, our King pu-erh is definitely the present to pass around this Lunar New Year.

Gift idea 2: Premium oolongs


Given Lunar New Year is a celebration that spans nations, The Tea Centre is broadening our horizons with this recommendation too! Taiwan and Vietnam are also celebrating the Year of the Tiger, with the former serving as provenance for our finest oolong tea.

Similar to pu-erh in Yunnan, Dung Ti oolong has a long history that’s woven into Taiwanese landscape. In particular, this oolong heralds from the Dong Ding Mountain and areas around Lugu in the Nantou region. Moreover, this pristine oolong boasts a jade green appearance and soft floral taste.

As for the merrymakers that are after a stronger-tasting brew, our Vietnamese High Mountain oolong might just be the ticket! And who could forget our vibrant Orange Flower Oolong?  

Thanks to its incorporation of bright orange blossoms, this festive oolong mimics the beautiful big fireworks that light the sky every Lunar New Year.

Gift idea 3: Mini Tuo Cha Pu-erh tea cakes

It’s safe to say that everyone’s favourite Lunar New Year gifts are red envelopes (红包: hongbao in Mandarin, lai see in Cantonese). The traditions goes that gifting money wrapped in red bestows happiness on its recipient for the rest of the year. 

If you’re hoping to think outside the box this Lunar New Year, our mini tuo cha pu-erh can serve the same purpose! Our tea bricks not only brew up a deep red colour, but are reminiscent of old Chinese money systems too.

In ancient China, highly sought after pu-erh tea bricks were a form of currency between Tibetans and the Yunnan merchants. How serendipitous, no?  

Gift idea 4: Yunnan Finest

For our leaf lovers, we supply only the finest. Specifically, when it comes to Yunnan, you can’t get any fresher than delectable Yunnan Finest FTGFOP tea. 

The tea’s high grading denotes its abundance of golden buds plucked from the very top of the tea plant. These buds are also what gives the blend it’s gorgeous golden hue (yet another auspicious colour during Lunar New Year)! 

Celebrate in style by picking this loose leaf up today.

Gift idea 5: Keemun Finest

Taking leave from Yunnan, we now traverse the width of southern China to arrive at Jiangxi. It is here that we harvest our deliciously smoky Keemun Finest. Arguably one of the most famous Chinese black teas, the history of this beautiful tea goes all the way back to 1875. 

While its birthplace is the neighbouring province of Anhui, our Jiangxi varietal boasts a malty mouthfeel and more subtle smoky taste. 

A brilliant red hue upon infusion, this traditional Chinese loose leaf is the perfect no-fuss gift for those celebrating Lunar New Year sans the bells and whistles. 

How are you celebrating the Year of the Tiger? Regardless of whether you’re going out for the fireworks or staying in for a big feast, a cup of traditional Chinese tea at this time of year could never go astray.

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