Matcha Mint Iced Tea Recipe

For a refreshing iced tea, why not try this lovely Matcha Mint recipe. This refreshingly icy beverage serves two people and is perfect for spring!

In case our recent Tea Journal entry about verdant green teas, The Tea Centre is on a green tea kick! Brought about by the advent of spring and greener pastures, why not celebrate the warmer season that is with a deliciously minty and healthy iced tea.  

Before we dive into the recipe, we want to chat why matcha and mint are the best partners in crime when it comes to creating the perfect sip.

Matcha & Mint: the perfect pair

Moreover, if the pairing seems strange to you, just know that pairing green tea and mint leaves has been in practice for hundreds of years! Think Moroccan Mint (read the history here) or The Tea Centre’s less traditional Olive Leaf Blend. The only change we’re making with this recipe is using a powder form of green tea and adding ice!

What’s more, peppy mint not only elevates the bright vegetal notes in matcha but negates any bitter aftertaste too! Combine with hints of sweetness, umami, and citrus, and you have pure goodness in a cup.

Speaking of goodness, this iced tea recipe rivals green juices when it come to health benefits. Unlike green juices that can strain all the nutrients out of the final drink, matcha dissolves right into blend. This ensure that you consume all of its healthy components, including ECGC, L-theanine, and a whole bunch of antioxidants. 

The Recipe


  • 2 cups filtered water
  • 1 perfect cup spoon of matcha
  • 2 cups of ice cubes
  • 1 lime, sliced
  • handfuls of mint
  • honey, cane sugar OR minty simple syrup (see below!)

Utensils required:


  1. To make crushed ice at home, use a blender and pulverise the ice using the pulse speed. Set aside (in a freezer) for use later.
  2. Use a cocktail shaker (or a large jar with a non-leaky lid) shake together water and matcha powder until all lumps are dissolved.
  3. Add one cup of the crushed ice, mint, a squeeze of lime, and shake the blend for a further minute. You can also add sweetener in at this step should you wish.
  4. Add the second cup of crush ice into your glasses. Then, pour over the mixture from the shaker.*
  5. Garnish with extra lime slices, mint, and enjoy!

*If you’re using a large jar, be sure to use a strainer to pour the mixture into your glasses.

Want to add Minty Simple Syrup?

Heat one part white sugar and one part water in a small saucepan, stirring until the sugar is dissolved. Turn off the heat and drop in handfuls of mint. Then let it steep until it cools to room temperature. Strain out the mint and chill until ready to use.

Recipe revised from Love and Lemons.

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