Maccha to like about our new Maccha Latte 2 Go

Our new Maccha Latte 2 Go is a delicious green tea pick-me-up perfect for mixing into milk-based beverages. As the name of course suggests, this powder makes an amazingly flavoured hot latte but we decided to experiment with something a little colder — perfect for those who want the temperature of their drinks to match the weather.

Quick and easy, these are just a few cold ways you can enjoy our new Maccha Latte 2 Go:

  • For a frappe, in a blender simply add:
    • A heaped teaspoon of Maccha Latte 2 Go green tea powder
    • A cup of your choice of milk
    • A generous serve of ice cubes
    • Blend well and serve in a tall glass
  • For a luscious milkshake, use less ice but add a little scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream.
  • Or if you want more of a smoothie consistency, use a couple of dollops of plain Greek yogurt and some honey with a little ice. Add some sliced banana and/or powdered cinnamon for extra pizzazz.

Of course a frothy, steaming latte in the cooler weather can’t be beat and is also open to experimentation. Honey and/or cinnamon can also make nice additions for an extra yummy latte. And don’t even get us started on the kinds of desserts you could make with this maccha powder! Try it today!

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