Raise your pink-y in support

Fifty-five people are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer every day in Australia this year. This is why The Tea Centre is raising funds for the McGrath Foundation in October.

To commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Tea Centre is tipping our teacups to the McGrath Foundation with help from our October ‘raise your pink-y’ campaign

Given the McGrath Foundation’s main colour is pink, The Tea Centre has decided to re-release our pink-sleeved products just for this special occasion. Furthermore, they will be available to purchase both in-store and online.

From October onwards, $2 from every one of the above items sold will go towards helping the McGrath Foundation place specialist McGrath Breast Care Nurses with the families that need them the most.

About the foundation


The McGrath Foundation is a charity that many Australians are familiar with given all the fantastic work they have done over the years. Specifically, the McGrath Foundation has supported over 95,000 families since its inception in 2005. 

The McGrath Foundation help individuals experiencing breast cancer and their families by providing them with McGrath Breast Care Nurses.

McGrath Foundation research shows that a patient’s early access to a McGrath Breast Care Nurse can have a profound impact on their overall experience. It can also significantly improve the patient’s outcome.

With one in seven women being diagnosed with breast cancer by the age of 85 in Australia, it’s more important now than ever to be supporting the McGrath Breast Care Nurses. You can help them help families across Australia in both the public and private health care systems.

Specifically, it costs approximately $140,000 to fund one Breast Care Nurse for a whole year, which are costs that the McGrath Foundation covers with donations. A little goes a long way, which is why $2 from every pink-sleeved item sold counts!

If you wish to support the McGrath Foundation in more ways than one, you can find out more on their website here.

Ready to raise your pink-y?


Tip your teacups towards a good cause is as easy as purchasing a pink-sleeved tea! Specifically, here are the five bestselling pink-sleeved items you can choose from:

Stockholm Blend
Like an old friend, our signature Stockholm Blend will welcome you with open arms. She comes bearing floral notes, will keep you cosy with her vanilla tones, and has a zesty side thanks to a blend of orange and soft apricot. A loose leaf to enjoy morning, noon, and night.

French Earl Grey
Beauty is in the eye of those who behold our French Earl Grey. Unique to The Tea Centre, this infusion of additional rose petals and vanilla offers a tantalising twist on your traditional bergamot and black tea blend. Ideal on its own or sweetened with a dash of honey.

Tea For Sunday
Sunday bliss in just one sip. Drink it all in with this rich black tea blend. Tea For Sunday marries malty Assam with decadent vanilla to produce a velvety, full-bodied blend. Perfect on its own or with a dash of milk for extra creaminess.

English Breakfast
Experience a self-care ceremony that has stood the test of time. English Breakfast is a perennial blend featuring organic Sri Lankan leaves that are full-bodied in flavour, with a smooth finish. A classic tea that’s suitable for every occasion.

Beautifully Black wooden tea box
The Beautifully Black is a treasure trove of our finest black tea blends. This custom wooden tea box features the following delicious tea blends: English Breakfast, Stockholm Blend, Royal Ritz, Masala Chai, Himalaya Blend, and Strawberries & Cream.


You can find all of these pink-sleeved items at your closest Tea Centre store or online here. Here’s to raising our pink-y in support of the McGrath Foundation this October!

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