Milky Oolong makes a comeback

We first introduced our milky oolong as our July, 2015 TEAser and due to the overwhelming feedback, we’ve decided to temporarily bring it back again. For those of you who missed out last time, here’s your chance to see what all the fuss was about… 

For a while now we have had many a tea enthusiast enquire about milky oolong. Whether out of curiosity or because of a special encounter with this elusive tea, milky oolong has long been a sought-after taste experience.

Because genuine milky oolong only stems from one particular type of cultivar in the high mountains of central Taiwan, this makes it a fairly uncommon and relatively expensive tea to supply. In order to meet demand, many variations of milky oolong have appeared on the market. These are just other oolongs that have had a milk flavour added, rather than being a natural property of the tea itself. As with most imitations, there are varying degrees of good and bad results.

Since obtaining genuine milky oolong is a difficult process, The Tea Centre has instead sought a milky oolong that comes very close to replicating the subtle creaminess of the real thing. Many imitation milky oolongs tend to exhibit overly sweet milk flavours that give them an artificial character. An authentic milky oolong is quite light and subtle with mild creamy notes, which are sometimes described as buttery. We believe we have come as close to the real thing as possible.

The Tea Centre’s comeback TEAser is our take on a traditional milky oolong. This verdant, premium oolong from China’s Fujian province has been infused with a delicate milk essence so as to not detract from the refreshingly light grassy notes. Exquisitely aromatic, the leaves produce a fairly pale brew that is quite smooth with very little, if no astringency. A good indicator of quality, the second infusion is equally as lovely and just as flavoursome as the first.

Only milky in flavour and not in appearance, this gorgeous oolong is best brewed in a glass teapot so as to enjoy the beauty of the rolled leaves bursting to life in a sparkling brew. Definitely worth trying if you are one of many who have long been intrigued by the concept of milky oolong or if you’re just after something a little extra special.