Treat Mum to High Tea at Home

When it comes to the matriarch, only the best will do!

Mums wear many hats—family logistics officer, school drop-off expert, head chef, and life advice guru—but one that they can hand off to The Tea Centre this May 8 is setting the table for what’s to be their best Mother’s Day yet!

This year, we’re going all out to treat the matriarch of the family to the very best tea, teawares, and accessories in our range. This will be a High Tea at Home they won’t forget!

Setting the scene: Delights from Ashdene

This Mother’s Day, the best-laid plan is a high tea table laden with the finest teawares that Ashdene has to offer!

Given setting is everything, we took inspiration from one of the most popular interior design trends from the eighteenth century—Chinoiserie—and put it to modern-day teawares! Mum love the feel of our fine bone China teapots, mugs, and teacups and find the baroque illustrations of hummingbirds among flowers enchanting. Plus, who doesn’t love gold gilding on their teacups and mugs?


Boasting pink and white varieties, the collection is also boasts three-piece mugs and matching tea towels…the idea finishing touches to your high tea event!

If life-like illustrations and fanciful European interpretations of Chinese motifs aren’t Mum’s style, be sure to check out our Asteria sets and Provincial Garden items instead. Our Asteria sets have a sleek design with gold detailing that any career-driven or artsy Mum would love. These sets come in white, pink, green, and black too.

Alternatively, traditional tea-loving Mums will adore the Provincial Garden range. Complete with teapot, teacups, mugs, and more, we swear this blue chintz collection make the tea it serves taste even better.

Mise En Place: Loose Leaf Tea

Now that we’ve set the scene, it’s time to bring in our team of teas. Given Mums generally gravitate towards black tea (hello, caffeine!), our Mother’s Day collection is an assortment of black tea blends and one herbal tisane. 

The latter tisane is a special inclusion that is known to soothe worries and alleviate stress on the body…making it perfect for Mums, no? Relaxation tea is an aromatic herbal blend of lavender and peppermint that relaxes as well as refreshes. 

As for Mums who prefer aromatic black tea blends, Miss Grey its heavenly jasmine scent is the one you want. And what’s high tea without English Breakfast? Mum can sip like royalty with the breakfast blend that Queen Victoria made popular all the way back in 1892! 

Prince of Wales also keeps with the royal theme with its delicious infusion of Ceylon leaves. Deriving its name from Prince Edward of Wales (it was originally crafted to suit his palate), this black tea brew has since become a high tea staple. Pair it with a clotted cream scone to truly bring out its malty flavours!

The main event: brewing + bites

Speaking of pairings, The Tea Centre has you covered! If you need help pairing the perfect finger foods to our teas, head over to our High Tea at Home blog here.

Generally, breakfast blends like English Breakfast and Prince of Wales pair best with protein-rich snacks. Think custard tarts, salmon blinis, and ham sandwiches! 

Then double down on citrus when pairing bergamot-infused Miss Grey with tangy treats like candied orange slices or lemon meringue. The palate-cleansing flavour of the jasmine in Miss Grey also makes it the perfect sip between meals! 

Lastly, Relaxation tea should ideally be paired with like-minded foods. We’re talking herb-filled snacks like focaccia or the savoury flavours of a cucumber tea sandwich. Even the sweet flavours of a fruit crumble could nicely balance the minty flavour of this refreshing brew.

As for brewing all the above to perfection? With our brewing guide in hand, a delicious cuppa is guaranteed every time!

Just desserts: The Matriarch velvet tea box

Just like dessert, we left the best bit to last! If Mum can’t make it to tea (or you’re looking to end the event on a high note), be sure to gift them ‘The Matriarch’ velvet tea box. Just like Mum, this tea box is equal parts refined, joyful, and beautiful too.

Lovingly presented in a mint green sleeve, this tea box is bursting with three exuberant and delicious black teas: premium Assam Dhelakat, floral French Earl Grey, and fruity Stockholm Blend.

To peruse all these tea-lights in one place, head over to The Tea Centre’s High Tea at Home page today!

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