The Tea Centre Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg By Night

Get to know the famous German Christmas market behind our ‘Nuremberg by Night’ collection.

Did you know that The Tea Centre’s bestseller fusions are made by master tea blenders in Germany? While the first bavarian beverage that comes to mind may be ‘beer’, Germany also has a rich tea history. This is seen with East Frisian tea and the latest stop in our Age of Sail series: Nuremberg where Christkindlesmarkt comes to life every silly season!

No matter if tea is crossing continents by sea or the Silk Road, all trade goods end up at the markets. In homage to The Tea Centre’s German suppliers, our Nuremberg By Night series hones in on one of the oldest and most traditional Christmas markets in the world.

What is Christkindlesmarkt?

Disembark onto Hauptmarkt’s cobblestone streets, where an old town square fledged by quirky buildings lays quiet for most of the year. Come Christmastime, however, the quiet is put aside and the Christmas market takes its place!

Christkindlesmarkt means ‘Christ Child Market’, and has been spreading festive cheer and tea amongst millions of shoppers since the seventeenth century!

On the Friday evening preceding Advent Sunday, the square sparkles extra bright as Christmas lights are strung and the ‘little city of wood and cloth’ comes to life with all sort of handmade ornaments and delicacies on sale. 

Among its most famous delicacies is gingerbread. In fact, spekulatius inspires the Gingerbread tea we put in our ‘Nuremberg By Night’ wooden tea box. The fact that our ‘Classic Christmas’ tea tin and tea bags tin has a distinctive spiced ginger scent is no coincidence either!

The Design

The Tea Centre Nuremberg By Night design

Across the range, you will see that The Tea Centre has taken the sparkling atmosphere plus wooden market booths and stamped them across our tea box, tea bags, and gift tin offering! 

Moreover, the hand-drawn fine line illustrations are reminiscent of the artisan goods often sold at Christkindlesmarkt. Meanwhile, the stars represent more than just Christmas lights! For example, did you know that Nuremberg was the sixteenth century hub for astronomy?

In fact, one Nuremberg native (Albrecht Dürer) made woodcuts of the first maps of the stars in the northern and southern hemispheres in 1515. These were the world’s first printed star charts! 

Given Nuremberg’s history of astronomy, woodblock printing, and its ‘little city of wood and cloth’, it made sense to adorn our range with stars and make a wooden tea box the champion of the collection.

What is in the ‘Nuremberg By Night’ wooden tea box?

From Christkindlesmarkt itself, our German tea masters collect the ingredients to make this festive sampler box of six Christmas teas. They mix peppermint and liquorice to create Candy Cane, black tea and almond brittle for Amaretto, and black tea with rum results in Rum Ball tea!

Several spices from around the world came together to inform Christmas tea, Gingerbread, and Glögg Green. Whisk yourself to Germany within seconds with this ultimate sampler by your side!

The Tea Centre’s revisit into the Age of Sail doesn’t stop there. Read our introductory Tea Journal entry here or go back even further in time with our Silk Road collection

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